KL Jewelry Design Business Cards

by Kris.
(Papillion, NE, USA)

KL Jewelry Design Business Cards

This is the final version of my business cards. I have worked hard to keep the colors the same as on my website.

Please let me know what you think of them. They are printed on both sides.

KL Jewelry Design


So professional looking!
by: Rena

Wow, Kris, your hard work paid off – your cards look fantastic!

Very impressive job of creating 2-sided business cards. They contain lots of good info, but without looking the least bit crowded.

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful card design here!


by: oceangypsy

I love this idea,and would like to do this for my own biz cards. When I first looked at the card, I thought it was a biz card bookmark-which would also be a great idea-sort of like a “free gift” to the customer or potential customer!

by: Teri Baskett

Lovely card—-and I really liked the idea of doubling it’s use as a bookmark!!! Cool.

I Love Brainstorming.
by: Helene

I don’t know if your card was intended as a bookmark or it’s just the way you photographed it to show both sides. What I like is the idea of making bookmark business cards.

And, if you place the folds just in the right places, the bookmark can be made into an earring card and folded up like a matchbook cover for travelling to the jewellery’s new home.

Well, that’s what I think.
Helene ~ Glass0Beads.Etsy.com

business cards
by: Lynne

I love the book mark ideal! I live in a beach town- everybody takes a book to the beach or pool- or knows someone who does- this won’t get thrown away- very useful!

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