KKPW Designs – Local Boutiques Make Us Happen

by Shannon Culmo.
(Sacramento, CA, USA)

My husband, Kevin, and I started KKPW Designs a few years ago out of my desire to create one of a kind jewelry for anyone who enjoyed it and for anyone who wanted to share in my vision.

When I look at jewelry that once was my grandma’s I always think of a time when quality, not quantity, worked. With uniqueness in mind, I create original, inspirational designs that only one person will ever wear.

In Sacramento, California we have many great boutiques, however, there are three in particular who have put KKPW Designs on the map. Each willing to work with me to get my designs into their stores but more importantly to support us in the community. ME Boutique, Barby K Boutique and Morgan Laine, all three unique in and of themselves, with great owners, great style and great stores!! Without them I don’t know where we would be.

I love designing, I love color, texture and the peace that designing brings. But I enjoy the people it has brought into my life and what they have to offer just as much.

Thank you to the 3 stores…that got us our start.


Shannon Culmo


Unique Jewelry – Love It!
by: Rena


I visited your site and love your jewelry! Lots of very attractive, inventive designs.

I know exactly what you mean about older pieces being made with an eye to quality – that’s one of the things I admire in antique jewelry too.

I’m sure your pieces will be enjoyed as “antiques” several generations from now!

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  1. Shannon,
    I agree with you – it’s the locals who keep us in business. Small businesses are the backbone of American commerce. Questions: How do you first identify the best shops for you? What was your hook to help you get their attention? Finally, how did you get the nerve? I’ve done seven festivals to date – a newbie – and am still wondering why people buy my things. I’ve been told, by too many people, I undercharge as well. But, I’d rather sell things than have to haul them around plus I need room for my new creations.
    Thanks for any tips you can give.

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