Jewelry Party Displays in a Small Apartment

by Nancy.

sea-opal-glassHow can I display my jewelry at a jewelry party in a small apartment? I found someone who wants to host a party, but she doesn’t have any space for me to set up a table. So I’ll have to do a different kind of display.

Can you recommend a way to show my jewelry without setting up my regular display?



Display Jewelry in
Containers or Trays You Can Pass Around

by Rena Klingenberg.

For a party in a small house or apartment, where there isn’t really room for you to set up a display, consider using display containers you can pass around the room.

Good choices are 8″x14″ stacking jewelry trays, baskets, bowls, small wicker chests, etc.

If you do a lot of jewelry home parties, you may want to work toward having flexible display components, that you can set up in a variety of ways depending on the table space your hostess offers you.

In a small apartment, you probably can’t set up any additional lighting. But remember to bring some hand-mirrors for the party guests to use as the try on jewelry.


Jewelry Rolls
by: C. T.

I have also just passed around the jewelry rolls I use when showing my jewelry to shops. They are the fabric pouches that roll up, with pockets and fasteners for holding in your jewelry – you can buy them at Rio Grande and other jewelry suppliers.

Here is how I use to do it
by: Anonymous

When I was actively hosting a part at a small location, even an office, I use to have a small ring tray, a jewelry tree (actually a painted tree branch on a block stand) to hang the bracelets and shorter necklaces on and of course my catalogs.

I sold more from the catalogs than the items that I took with me. If you don’t have a catalog then you can make up your own. Printout photos of your items and take them in a photo book. If you have a laptop you can take that with you and a CD holding all the photos.

I plan on getting back into the jewelry party thing in the next few weeks.

Good luck to you and I hope that you will have many more parties.

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  1. Thanks Anonymous, for caring and sharing your ideas, now I don’t feel so stuck!

    Rose Barden
    In Florida

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