Great Jewelry Home Party Invitations

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The best jewelry home party invitations are short, sweet, and tempting. They are a friendly missive from the party hostess to her potential guests, containing party details plus a little enticing information about your jewelry. Here are some tips for creating your own successful jewelry home party invitations.

First, keep in mind what you want your home jewelry party invitations to accomplish. The main purposes are to:

  • get potential guests excited about shopping at a jewelry party,
  • encourage them to bring one or more friends to the party,
  • let them know the date, place, and time of the party, and
  • provide your website and contact info so guests can shop directly from you later.

Writing Your
Jewelry Home Party Invitations

The invitation comes from the hostess to her guests, so you’ll need to write it as though she (not you) is speaking to them. So keep it casual and friendly, with an enthusiastic tone.

It’s a good idea to put the date, place, and time of the party where it stands out on the invitation, so guests can find these particulars at a glance. Request that they RSVP, and include the hostess’ phone number so the guests can contact her easily to let her know they’re coming, or ask questions.

Next, emphasize that this is an event where they’ll have a lot of fun – it’s a girls’ night out and shopping event combined!

Tempt them with hints of gorgeous yet affordable jewelry, plus jewelry prizes that will be awarded at the party; include a photo or two of your most popular jewelry designs.

Mention that unique handcrafted jewelry gifts will be available, since many women won’t shop for themselves but will buy nice gifts for friends and family.

Suggest that they bring a friend or two, and mention that they’ll receive a jewelry bonus for each friend they bring.

Remind them to mark their calendars so the date doesn’t get lost in their busy schedules.

List all payment methods you accept, and you should accept as many as possible!

Include a call to action – tell them exactly what you’d like them to do.

Include your website or other contact information in smaller print somewhere on your jewelry home party invitations.

Sample Home Jewelry Party Invitation

Here’s an example of text you might include on your jewelry home party invitations. Although you’re welcome to use it as-is, you should adjust it to suit your particular jewelry line and the way your parties operate.

Front of Invitation:

Artistically place a photo or two of your most popular or trendy jewelry designs. Jewelry is a very visual product, so it’s important to give potential guests some eye-candy to get their shopping juices flowing! :o)

Text alone can’t possibly inspire a jewelry shopping spree as well as a photo can.

Here’s some suggested text for your jewelry home party invitations, and remember this is supposed to represent the hostess talking to her friends:

Come enjoy a ladies’ night out
jewelry shopping event!

I’m hosting a [name of your jewelry business] jewelry party, and I hope you can come.

We’ll get to see and try on beautiful handcrafted jewelry in the latest colors and styles, made with [name the main materials you use in your jewelry].

We’ll also have a great selection of jewelry gifts to choose from.

You can get a sneak preview of some of the jewelry at [www.your website URL].

Please bring a friend or two, because you’ll get free jewelry if you do!

You’ll also have a chance to win other free jewelry prizes.

Call me to RSVP, and don’t forget to mark the date on your calendar!

The jewelry prices start at [insert price of your least expensive item], and you can pay with cash, checks, Visa, or MasterCard.

Back of Invitation:

Left-hand side of back:

Come enjoy my jewelry party!

Hostess: (write in hostess’ name)

Where: (write in party address)

Date: (write in date of party)

Time: (write in time range, such as “open house from 7:00 till 10:00 p.m.”)

RSVP by: (write in a date a few days before the party)

Phone: (write in hostess’ phone number)

Underneath the party and hostess info, place your business name and contact info. This way people can contact you after the party to make a purchase or book a jewelry home party of their own.

And people who were invited but can’t attend may want to shop later on your website.

Right-hand side of back:

  • postage stamp in top right corner
  • party guest’s mailing address.

Printing Your
Jewelry Home Party Invitations

Most jewelry party invitations are printed on postcards, which you can print from your own computer and printer quite inexpensively, using perforated postcard stock from local office supply stores.

For a more professional look, you can have them printed by an online printing service where you can upload your own photo and write your own text.

If you choose this route, the per-postcard price shouldn’t be too different from what it costs you to print your own – and the professional print quality enhances the guests’ perception of your business.

(However, be sure you’re happy with the absolute final version of your jewelry home party invitations before having them professionally printed, since once they’re professionally printed you can’t make further changes without buying a whole new batch!)

Distributing Your
Jewelry Home Party Invitations

Usually only about half of the people invited actually come to a jewelry home party; with that in mind, encourage your hostess to invite 20+ people. Guests should receive their invitations two weeks before the party.

Have the hostess give you her guest list with names, addresses, and phone numbers, and then you prepare and mail the invitations. Send one to the hostess too so she knows what info her guests have.

Give your hostess several extra invitations filled out with all the party information so she can give them out in person at soccer practice, school, work, church, any clubs she belongs to, etc.

And the most important information to remember about a jewelry home party, is this:

The #1 Way to
Increase Jewelry Home Party Attendance

Have the hostess call each guest the day before the party to remind them to come, and to bring a friend with them!

That makes guests who hadn’t decided whether they would attend commit to the hostess that they’re coming. It’s also a good reminder for guests who plan to attend but lost track of the date in their busy schedules.

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  1. I’ve had several jewelry parties at my home. Besides the jewelry I also serve chicken noodle soup for the winter show and desserts for the spring show. I also provide boxes and wrapping paper should the person desire to give my jewelry design as a gift. Customers appreciate this extra detail.

  2. Karen Robison says:

    I am thinking about having a party in a state other than where my business license is. How would this work if I don’t have a vendor license in the state where the party is? What about sales tax? Has anyone done this or have any suggestions?

  3. Do you need to have latest styles all the time or have only signature type jewellery which may be different colours and textures?

  4. Ninette, what has worked well for me is having a good range of colors. You may want to sprinkle in a few trendy things, but I wouldn’t focus your entire inventory on that. Also having jewelry that ranges from small & delicate to big & bold has worked well for me. Wishing you all the best with your jewelry parties!

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