Write an Irresistible Jewelry Home Party Brochure

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You can make a simple jewelry home party brochure or flyer that will get potential hostesses really motivated to host a party! I’ll show you how to borrow a few tried-and-true sales copy writing techniques to make a really successful brochure.

Your main objective here is to get potential hostesses to give you the response you want most (that is, you want them to schedule a home jewelry party).

And to get that response, you need to let them know what’s in it for them – why they don’t want to miss this opportunity! :o)

That means you want to present everything in your jewelry home party brochure from their perspective, and deluge them with all the ways the party will benefit them!

What’s in it for you, the jewelry artist, is not important to them.

The only thing that will motivate them is irresistible benefits for them.

Here’s the text I use in my jewelry home party brochure.

It’s a one-page flyer with the text down the middle and about 10 enticing photos of my jewelry running down the sides for “eye candy”.

You’re welcome to adapt the text I use for your own brochures, but I encourage you to come up with your own hostess benefits that express your jewelry and your parties.

Headline of Your Jewelry Home Party Flyer

The headline of your jewelry home party brochure should (1) grab attention, and (2) summarize all the benefits with the most powerful benefit of all. My headline:

Free Jewelry!

“Free” grabs everyone’s attention. And “free jewelry” sums up the most powerful and interesting benefit for the hostess!

Writing the Body of
Your Jewelry Party Brochure

The body text of the jewelry home party brochure should list more benefits plus a few details about your jewelry and the party.

You don’t need to get too wordy here. Just make it sound fun, easy, and exciting – with lots of free stuff for the lucky hostess!

Be sure to use the word “you” so you’re transferring ownership of the party to the hostess; that makes her feel more like all these benefits already belong to her.

I like to mention the starting price of my absolutely lowest-priced piece of jewelry, so the hostess won’t assume all the jewelry is terribly expensive and her friends wouldn’t be able to afford it. That eliminates one of the reasons she might decide against having a party.

List all payment methods you accept – and you should accept as many as possible!

Okay, now I’ve gotten them all enthusiastic about the benefits, so it’s time to ask them to give me my most wanted response. So I include a call to action: “Schedule your jewelry home party today!”.

If I don’t tell them exactly what they should do now that they’re hooked on the benefits, I have much less of a chance of getting my most wanted response.

Then make it easy for them to take the action you most want from them, by including your business name and contact information right after the call for action.

Here’s my body text:

Enjoy a personalized shopping experience
at home with your friends . . .
when you host a fun and easy jewelry home party.

You’ll earn FREE gemstone jewelry
set in sterling silver and 14k goldfill,
designed and handcrafted by Rena Klingenberg.

You’ll find jewelry treasures to keep,
and gorgeous, one-of-a-kind gifts to give!

Free gift wrap for each jewelry item purchased.

Prices begin at $3.
Custom orders welcome!
Cash, Checks, Visa, and MasterCard accepted.

Schedule your Jewelry Home Party today!
Just give me a call or e-mail me:

by Rena Klingenberg
[my city and state]
[my phone number]
[my email address]
[my jewelry website]

Include a Coupon on Your Home Party Flyer

At the bottom of my jewelry home party brochure is a clip-out coupon for the hostess to use at her party. Again, this coupon has an attention grabbing headline that sums up the benefits with the most powerful benefit.

Then it details exactly what other freebies she’ll earn, so there won’t be any surprises at her party. Finally, I repeat my contact info in case the coupon is clipped off and separated from the rest of the jewelry home party brochure.

Here’s my coupon text:

Get $25 of FREE jewelry!

Plus . . . get an additional discount of . . .
15% of your guest total of $800+, or
10% of your guest total of $100-$799.

Plus . . . get another $10 of FREE jewelry for
each party booked from your party!
(redeemable at or after that party).

Plus . . . get another $10 of free jewelry
if you have 20 or more guests!

Redeem this certificate at your Home Jewelry Party.

by Rena Klingenberg
[my city and state]
[my phone number]
[my email address]
[my jewelry website]

Now that you’ve practiced applying these sales writing techniques to your jewelry home party brochure, think about how you can apply them to the rest of your literature and jewelry packaging!

Rena Klingenberg

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  1. This post offers a clearly defined strategy for beginners! Your format is so concise and clearly delineated that I feel even I can venture in this direction with my jewelry business! Thanks for the guidance.

  2. Hi Rena,
    Are we allowed to use your body text ourselves? I’d love to have more home parties because my one and only one was quite successful. Thanks for all your great ideas!

  3. Hi Jane! Thanks so much for asking! Yes, you may use any part of my jewelry home party brochure you wish. Best of luck with your jewelry parties! 🙂

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