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Below you can see a variety of jewelry files, each suited for specific types of projects.

Part of my file collection

When you’re making jewelry – and especially when you’re working with wire or other metals – you’re going to wind up having sharp edges as you create your items.

And because we can’t have sharp surfaces of jewelry against the skin, you’re going to have to file them off, or smooth them in some way.

You can use files to easily smooth away sharp edges on your jewelry.

Types of Jewelry Files

Files come in all shapes and sizes, and in all degrees of coarseness and smoothness for various jobs that you need to do in sanding off rough edges of your components or finished jewelry.

You can get files from most jewelry suppliers, or sometimes you can get a great variety pack of them very inexpensively at a home improvement store or hardware store.

When filing metals, always file in one direction – don’t saw back and forth.

In the photo above, the two orange-handled tools are basic small jewelry files.

One of them has a curved surface and the other has angles, so each is a perfect tool for different projects.

I use these small files for sanding off rough edges in small spaces or on small wire or metal projects.

At the right in the photo above is a larger, coarser tool. It’s a rasp I picked up at a hardware store.

When you’ve got a bigger or tougher sanding or smoothing job, or heavier gauges of metal, you need a bigger file or a rougher one like this.

Using Alternative Smoothing Tools

At the far left in the photo above, there’s another tool you can use as a file.

It’s a knife-sharpening stone I got in the camping section of a local store. It cost about $5, and it’s really great when you need to file off sharp ends off heavier pieces of wire or metal.

Files are an important tool for making your handcrafted jewelry comfortable, and giving it a nice, professional finish.

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  1. I love tools. Thanks for reminding me of ergonomic pliers and cutters Rena. My birthday is coming up and it might be the right time to invest in some of those more expensive daily use tools.

    I also have found the “99 Cents Store” to be a treasure trove of things like steel wool, files, glues, and I have even found those 3M wet/dry sanding sponges that cost a million dollars at jewelry stores!
    I head right for the automotive section.

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