Jewelry Consignment Agreement

by Rena Klingenberg.

A good jewelry consignment agreement is essential when you sell your work on consignment through shops and galleries.

Most shops and galleries provide their own consignment contracts. But you may want to supply your own.

Sample Consignment Contracts

Here are a few sample consignment agreements you can check out:

Consignment agreement example 1

Consignment agreement example 2

Consignment agreement example 3

Consignment agreement example 4

Consignment agreement example 5

Consignment agreement example 6

Important Points Your
Consignment Agreement Should Include

  • Name, phone number, street address and email address of both parties (the jeweler and the shop).
  • How long the consigned jewelry is to be displayed in the shop, and any stipulations about the display.
  • The percentage of the retail sales price received by each party. (For considerations in splitting the sales price fairly, see Jewelry Consignment Percentage.)
  • Whether insurance is provided by the shop, including details on the coverage.
  • When and how often the shop pays the artist, and whether a statement of the jewelry sold accompanies the shop’s payment to the artist.
  • Method of returning any unsold jewelry to artist.
  • If the artist must ship the jewelry to the shop, which party pays for the shipping.
  • A list (usually on separate sheets of paper) of all pieces of jewelry consigned to the shop – including the piece’s item number, quantity, brief description, and suggested retail price.
  • Be sure both parties have a copy of the consignment agreement – signed and dated – for their files.

Also consider how you will keep track of your jewelry consignment inventory once it’s in the shops.

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  1. I really appreciate you sharing this. I’m just now considering selling by consignment and this will greatly help me know up front how to go about this. I’m reading through all your articles & posts about this. Thanks so much!

  2. This really helps!!
    Thank you

  3. Cat Slavin says:

    Thank you so much for bringing this to the forefront…

    The importance of a written agreement cannot be stressed enough. Regardless of the ‘great relationship’ you might have with a reputable establishment, if they will not sign a contract with your terms . . . . walk away.

    Otherwise, when your lovely creations begin to disappear, not only will you be out the cost of materials, but also your time and creativity.

    You and your lovely creations are worth much more than that.

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