Jewelry Booth: A Work in Progress … #3

by Joan.
(Poway, California)

Hi, I’m back with my current display. I really like it and thought I would share it with you.

Jewelry Booth:  A Work in Progress ...  #3, by Joan  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

My family suggested that I use a color that would “pop” my displays. So this is what I came up with.

I’m finally happy with it, and may tweak it once in a while.

I also started to make unique picture frames using the same shells, stones, metal detecting finds, etc. that I use for my jewelry.

So my new display had to accommodate them.

Jewelry Booth:  A Work in Progress ...  #3, by Joan  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

At first I was hesitant to combine my frames with my natural jewelry, but they worked very well with each other and they seemed to break “the glaze” and people stop to look and are more relaxed.

By periodically changing the burgundy color with tan / camoflauge / green or sea blue, it gives it an entirely different look.

I have recently enlarged the metal grids and use a darker burgundy in back, and as you can see the 2 tables are a different size, so I offset them rather than make them even.

Sometimes the space will allow another table, but either way the colors are the same.

Jewelry Booth:  A Work in Progress ...  #3, by Joan  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I think neatness is so important and my display encourages it.

I’ve also taken away nearly all my extra knick knacks (shells, old horse shoes, etc) and I try for an uncluttered look. That really helped with the look.

I also needed narrow rugs in front because the old boardwalk has spaces and I’ve seen jewelry, etc. just roll down between them.

Besides that the rug adds the finishing touch to it. What do you think? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you so much for all your info. I’m always reading what you send and have picked up alot of ideas.

Joan’s Midland Arts & Crafts, Poway

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  1. It’s been interesting seeing your booth and displays evolve, Joan! Have you thought of displaying some of your jewelry in the artistic frames you create? I think that would draw more attention to both jewelry and frames. And I so agree with you about the importance of neatness and an uncluttered look! I also like the visual interest created by the off-set tables that aren’t the same size.

  2. Thank you Rena. I appreciate your comments. . I am very flexible in my setup. I agree with you and I have tried to display in my frames, but they are not large enough. I now hang all of my frames on the grid and arrange some of the jewelry that matches them on some risers below the grid. I also cut some slip-on pcv pipes so i can easily raise my long table, and also raised the back necklace forms.
    I don’t want to be pesty, but i will send you updates. If you don’t want to use them that’s ok, because i know you must get alot of entries. I enjoy your site and look forward to seeing your new issues that you send to my email.

    Thank you all again. joan

  3. Joan, you could never be a pest, LOL 🙂 Actually, it’s interesting and helpful to see how a jewelry artist evolves the displays and other elements of a booth. So yes, please, bring it on! 🙂

  4. I love your color choices. It is fun seeing someone else’s booth evolve. I know mine has changed a lot since I started. It changes for different shows as well.

  5. I love your set up Joan! The colours work really well it looks very inviting and interesting. Your stall is smart and professional. The rugs are a good tip. And I think your frames are cool too. I normally do my stall in all white but I really like this design you have put together.

  6. Very nice…I would definitely stop and look at your pieces with this display! Love the way the rugs anchor the display and give it that little extra elegance.

  7. Colleen says:

    Joan, I love the uncluttered look and also the colors you chose for table clothes. I am trying to figure out my setup also. I’m thinking less might be best. I’ve only done 3 small shows and am always scrabbling during set up (which stresses me out) then it always looks like..too much. How to display earring is a prob too and I guess I always worry about if it’s not attached to something, it’s easier to steal. Can you share any ideas, everyone included! Thanks.

  8. Joan…how do you support the rack?

  9. Hi Colleen, here’s a collection of ideas for earring displays: Earring Displays.

    Thanks for also asking about theft-proofing your jewelry displays. In the comments below this post there’s a discussion on theft-proofing: How Do I Stop Theft But Keep My “Please Touch” Approach?

    I agree that less is more in a jewelry display – it keeps the focus on the jewelry, and makes setup and takedown much easier for the jewelry artist.

  10. Catherine Franz says:

    Joan, thank you for sharing such great if information. The tips are great. I learned another one as well that I’d like to share with you. I used to put my tables up against the wall like you do. And then I started moving them out to the edge of my space allotted. And that I would stand behind it – stand behind the tables. I learned that psychologically that tells the buyer that you stand behind your jewelry.

    I have a lot of college buddies that studied marketing psychology who I have lunch with once a month. One of them came to my booth a few years back and explain to me all the little details in this. At the next show, I doubled my sales. Since I’ve been selling for 12 years now, I have doubled my sales in any of the shows that we previously went to just by changing this design. Maybe this is something you might want to try. If you do come back and share with us as to your outcome.

  11. Hi and thank you for all your comments.

    Carla if you’re able come to my table and i will show you how easy it is to setup my metal grid wall display. to explain it in writing would be with long directions and when you see it, you will see how easy it is. i’m able to fold it all up and place in a bus. records box w/all hooks, etc. It’s collapsible.

    As i’ve mentioned i like to keep my display neat & organized. i had alot of diff. ways i used to display my earrings, sooooo, I asked my son, Roger to make me 2 rotating display towers for them. They’re perfect. I only use one now for the earrings. and the other one can be used for pendants or bracelets. i use the tiny cup hooks and make my own earring cards w/punched holes.

    I’ve never had anything stolen. I’m very trusting and have my little work surface at the end of my tables. I don’t want the lookers to feel like they’re being watched. I do offer my help/info and stories (some women will actually bring their kids to hear some of my stories). i also encourage them to try it on, handle it, and say,”the jewelry is made to be worn and can take it”. My displays are secured & sturdy, they won’t fall over and I’ve made it easy for them to handle the jewelry (if anyone wants to know how just ask).

    Catherine Franz, thank you for your comment on table placements. The way the other crafters & I have to setup along walls, each space is setup different, so i found out if i’m placed along the wall, stagger my tables, with work area at the end, i’m able to interact with lookers better and won’t congest my front area. It also makes my space a little different, and people slow down & look. I standup, big smile and say “Hi, great day for a walk, weather we’re having”, or ? I’m happy and it brings people in. I enjoy what I make & being there and it shows.

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