“It Will Never Happen”

by Mary Jane Newlon.
(Durant, Oklahoma, USA)

I want to begin by saying that I have tried everything from balloons to making ribbon flowers. Nothing ever worked because I jumped right in thinking that I will make a fortune.

“People will be knocking down my door to buy from me.” That was a joke. I bought all kinds of supplies, never thinking it would not sell.

The last big thing I did was making balloon bouquets. That was a failure. I spent almost $2,000 just for the machine and what went in the bags.

I now am trying to do jewelry with my best friend. We have made over 400 items.

I thought it would be so easy going trade shows, advertising, having parties, selling to friends, getting on the internet, making a website.

Now, I am realizing that you have to believe in what you are doing, but also realize that knowing your product, what people want, and how to get it to them in an inexpensive way.

Everything has rules and done in a logical order, and that takes time.

I now know it takes a lot of work, mistakes will be made, and problems will arise. Yet, I am not going to give up.

This is our dream and we have so much fun making the items, and trying to get ideas to make things different than anyone else.

I have learned that a lot of research has to be done, but it is a whole new learning experience that is well worth the wait.

I know we will succeed, because we have faith in our product that it is something women would really want to have, but yet not have to spend a lot of money to get it.

We are learning about incentives to people, discounts, what the public wants, what we can do to make someone smile including us.

Mary Jane Newlon


Learning from past business efforts
by: Rena

Hi Mary Jane, thanks for sharing your journey! Many of us can relate to trying and not succeeding at a number of business ideas before arriving where we are now.

You bring up several good points here – some hard but helpful lessons learned from your past business efforts.

So many of us get so excited about having a business doing something we love, that we take off without really researching and planning how it’s going to work.

And for most people in a creative business, the most difficult part – and the part they research and plan the least – is how, in detail, they are actually going to sell the quantity of items they dream of selling.

It sounds like you and your jewelry friend have a better, more solid approach now:

“Now, I am realizing that you have to believe in what you are doing, but also realize that knowing your product, what people want, and how to get it to them in an inexpensive way.”

Also, to your mention of “mistakes will be made, and problems will arise. Yet, I am not going to give up.” You are so right! I’ve made some horrendous mistakes along the way, but the best approach is to learn from them, adjust, and keep going forward.

I wish you and your friend every success with your new jewelry business. Please keep us posted!

Good for you!
by: Amy

Hi Mary Jane
Good for you! You really have the right attitude. It can be hard to stay positive and not give in, but when you believe in yourself and your product, anything is possible. Best of luck to you!

What A Difference!
by: Eileen Vicente

Six years ago, I moved to Oporto, Portugal. What a difference life is here. If you think you have to study and learn about a business in the United States, try doing it with a totally different culture. I am a Special Education teacher, and in the USA I had a fabulous private tutoring business. It took me five years to realize that a business like this would only mean starvation for me here. Out of my business mistakes in my new country came a passion I never in my life could have imagined. I fell in love with making jewelry. At the ripe old age of 67 I am learning what the people here in this country will buy and the price they will pay. I am also learning how to desighn and make jewelry. Believe me, I have had to study and research the situation for hours each day. Slowly, I am beginning to sell my work much to my surprise and joy. Frankly, it is far easier to sell my jewelry than to teach English and Special Education here.

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  1. I really love this site….Yes, I absolutely agree! I thought I was going to be off to the races once I finally made the jewelry. It was sooooo much work to learn, buy, create, learn from mistakes, set up a shop on the Etsy and the packaging etc. I was exhausted. I finally had one sale last month but I thought the sales would be great as soon as I set it up… Not so! I love what I’ve been doing and that’s a start. Here’s to hoping our love of the craft catches on.

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