Is Steampunk Jewelry a Craft or an Art?

by Marcon.
(Malta, Europe)

Hello there! I am a self taught jewelry arist/crafter and think I have a bit of an identity crisis! Well, I come from a small island in the Mediterranean where Steampunk was unheard of up until a few years ago.

steampunk necklace

‘Cronos Concubinus’ Double Focal Necklace

I actually introduced the concept of hand crafted unique Steampunk and Vintage Inspired Jewelry. I make steampunk jewelry. I buy the basics (links, chains, bases etc..) and I also attend markets to get my hands on old watch pieces which I disassemble to then use to make jewelry.

steampunk butterfly necklace

‘Dark Flutter’ Necklace

Since no one on the island had ever heard of this kind of jewelry, and now I am starting to make this idea well known, I am facing a bit of an issue since I am not sure what to call this: art jewellery? art? craft? home made? handmade, or hand crafted?

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  1. While I believe all jewelry is art, it isn’t necessary to list it as such. Hand crafted or one-of-a-kind (if it is such) is important, so your customers know it is made by you alone and not some factory. Use words like Victorian, industrial, and of course punk, to describe exactly what it is you are creating.

  2. I agree with Kristina. I do like the term art jewelry for your creations since they are elaborate and very unique especially where you live in a place there steampunk is not common.

  3. I’d probably go with repurposed handmade or handcrafted jewellery. I think its art too 🙂

  4. Wearable art! You can put “repurposed” or “handcrafted” in the description. As a former (& very near future) gallery owner, I would stick with wearable art! I have settled in a new area and am opening a gallery downtown.
    “Craft” seems to have a negative connotation around the art community. I knit, knot, crochet, weave and stitch beads, pearls and gems. For me and shop/gallery owners who carry my work, it’s all wearable art.

  5. Your pieces are beautiful! How about Unique Hand Crafted Wearable Jewellry Art?!

  6. Valerieaz says:

    I prefer to use the terms “handcrafted” and “one-of-a-kind” for my jewelry creations. I also like the term “wearable art”. There is often a fine line between “art” and “craft” so I prefer to define what I do rather than wait to have others do it for me. BTW, your pieces are beautiful! Congratulations on finding your niche!

  7. Rena,
    Have you or anyone else been to a Bead Fest? I am signed up for AustinTX in March. I was wondering are there any things I need to be aware of?

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind input and suggestions. I have actually taken your suggestion and have adopted ‘Wearable Art’ It does make sense for my overall branding because whenever I attend art/craft markets my jewellery is always displayed in frames 😉 And the response from visitors has been great!
    Feel free to check out my website to see what I did 😉
    Greetings from the sunny island of Malta!

  9. craftikittti says:

    I would use the terms Hand-crafted Artisan Jewelry. I also love this piece. Best of wishes in your endeavor.

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