Retro Reminice Pearls

by Kathleen Bennett (Kate).
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Retro Pearls

Retro Pearls

A few years ago I made a retro pearl necklace and no sooner had I displayed it than an elderly lady came up to me and said “I used to wear pearls like that” and paid me five dollars over the asking price, for sentimental reasons.

I have reproduced the same style, but changed it to have the drapes on the front only.

It is a long time since i have done any beading and found that I needed more patience than I thought I would need. It is lovely though when a piece is completed.

Photography is the next thing I need to practice.

Cheers Kate.

Kathleen Bennett (Kate)
Kate Bennett Designs

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  • Kay Richard says:

    Kate, I love the lacy, vintage look of this necklace. Could have been worn by a socialite on the Titanic! Would you share where the pattern came from? I would love to make one for my cousin.

  • Sandy Kane says:

    I love retro style beads. This necklace would be so perfect with a tight cashmere sweater and bright red lipstick (a la 1940s)!

  • Kate says:

    Hi Kay,
    Thanks for the comments, but this is one i based on a calendar from the 1990s. I had always thought it was so feminine and did the best i could.
    For my necklace i just made a raw weave with two beads on each side, then draped beads working from the centre outwards and then on the other side, to make sure it was even. I used size 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm beads.

    Sandy, I went to a vintage fair last weekend and i am once again fired up with retro. I am an ex fashion designer, so I still love to make garments and make the bead to go with them. After the fair i think I will start a line of retro stuff. Thanks for your comment.

  • Kay Richard says:

    Thanks for the info, Kate… It is just a lovely piece.

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