Inexpensive, Elegant Bracelet Display

by Sarah Keith.

Elegant and Easy-to-Make Bracelet Display

Make your own bracelet display

Inexpensive way to display bracelets

The small, velvet covered manufactured bracelet displays are too expensive for someone just getting started selling jewelry. This bracelet display idea can easily show 10-15 bracelets – depending on size.


2″ x 2′ PVC Pipe
Black Knit Fabric (T-Shirt material)
68″ Artist’s Wire (at least 16 gauge)
Small Crystal “plastic” Beads
Jewelry Wire (24 gauge)

To make the rod:

Using knit fabric, sew a tube to cover PVC pipe – tight fitting. Tuck fabric ends into pipe.

To make the holders (the legs):

(See close-up in Photo #3 above.) Cut Artist’s Wire in half. Center wire over PVC pipe and loop around twice. Twist ends to form vertical part of stand. The remaining wire you form into the base pedestal. Repeat for other holder (leg).

String crystal beads on jewelry wire; then wrap around vertical part of stand.

Place PVC rod through loops. Spread loops apart. Display your bracelets!

If you like this idea, I’d love to know! I’ll be using this display for the first time at the Boynton Beach, FL. Civic Center Craft Show on Sat., Jan. 22, 2011 – Noon-4 PM.

Sarah Keith
Bangles and Baubles (TM)


Looks great
by: Kathy

I live in the Caribean so I am for ways to show of my work to people especially at this time of year with the cruise ships coming here.
Thanks I think I’ll try your idea.

Great idea.
by: Anonymous

I’m forever trying to find bracelet displays for shows and for photo props. This is a great and inexpensive way to do it.

Thanks for tip.

similar to this
by: Dianna

Love it! I made a similar one using a kids toy called “noodle” It’s light weight, foam-like and can be cut to any size and covered with any fabric. I found one at a yard sale but they’re sold in most stores as well. With that you can stick T-pins or other type pins to hold something else such as a matching piece of jewelry.

Fantastic Idea
by: SterlingCrystal

This is great! So simple, yet as effective and professional looking as the expensive ones. Also, by using T-shirt material instead of the felt, there will be less fluff to have to worry about. Thanks for sharing, Sarah.

Deanna, I also like your idea about using the noodle – perhaps one of the children’s might mysteriously disappear…

Sam Ryder

Adding Scarf
by: Sarah

In my next show–Jan. 22–I will drape a beautiful scarf around the base of the legs to hide the bare metal “feet.” I’ll snap pics and send them in.

Glad you like it!

Sarah Keith

Love the Bracelets!
by: Jax

Hi Sara! I love the button bracelet on the display. Super cute.

Versatile bracelet display
by: Rena

Thank you for posting this, Sarah! I love the decorative legs you put on the display.

Lots of potential for versatility – you could make a grouping of a few of these with different heights and lengths – and even change the Tshirt fabric color for different seasons.

Great bracelet display idea!

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  1. I use PVC pipe for my bracelet display, too! I found a couple of beautiful drapery sconces on sale at Hancock Fabrics that had a nice flat base and an elegant carved design. The base would normally be on the top, but I turn them upside down on the table, and they are perfect for holding the PVC pipe which I covered with crushed velvet-like fabric.

  2. Judy Whitfield says:

    Great idea using the pvc pipe. If you wanted more cushion, you could wrap the pvc with quilt batting before sliding on the knit covering. You might have to adjust the size of the knit tubing for the added thickness.

    I am one for saving blocks of Styrofoam. I cover them with fabric and use them for photo displays. I can use T-pins to place the jewelry pieces for the pics.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Judy Whitfield

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