10 Reasons I Love Beading and Jewelry Making

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Why do I love beads and making jewelry so much? Let me tell you:

Charlene Anderson's creativity

A sampling of Charlene Anderson's design creativity

1. I can have earrings to match every item in my closet without breaking the bank.

2. If I get tired of a piece of jewelry I can take it apart and remake it.

3. I love getting compliments on the jewelry I make and wear.

4. I get to buy lots of beads because they don’t take up much space.

5. Handmade jewelry items make great gifts, and simple ones can be made in a hurry if you need a gift right away.

6. I love to travel and buy beads when I’m traveling. They are different everywhere you venture and relatively easy to pack to bring back home. My favorite places to buy beads? Ghana in West Africa, India, and Venice.

7. I love books and there are a tremendous number of jewelry books and magazines out there for inspiration and general drooling.

8. I can work on my jewelry projects on a tray in my lap. Things are easy to set aside when I’m done and easy to pick back up when I’m ready to get back to my work.

9. Jewelry making and beading is one of the most versatile art forms around. From chain maille to lampwork glass to loom weaving, there is something for everyone.

10. Shiny, matte, glass, wood, metal, bone, gemstone…it doesn’t matter. I love beads and I love to be able to make a living by being involved with them!

Author Charlene Anderson sells jewelry, jewelry making tools, supplies, equipment, beads and “all things creative” through eBay and her web store. She also writes and designs for art and craft related magazines and books.

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  1. Charlene, I could not have said it better nor added much to your list. It is an adventure each time I pick up a jewelry making tool.

    Continued success!

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