How to Measure, Mark, and Cut Wire for Matching Earrings?

by Laury.
(Pittsburgh, PA)

How to Measure, Mark, and Cut Wire for Matching Earrings?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I have difficulty getting my cut wire pieces to match when I make earrings.

Also, how can I mark measurements on dark wire? Sharpies don’t work.



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  1. Sarah Small says:

    I have seen this in a number of places, but the easiest way to make matching ear wires, is to make both at once –

    As far as marking dark wire, consider using painters tape

  2. I agonized for years trying to get my ear wires to match when making earrings until I found the tutorial that Sarah has linked in the post above. It works like a charm to make perfectly matching ear wires every time.

  3. That’s how I handle it: make them both at once. P.S. … it’s faster, too!

  4. Christine Yuss says:

    Try using a white chalk pen on dark metal like what is used in marking hems and darts for sewing. Once done, the chalk rubs right off.

  5. Silver sharpies can work well on dark colours.

  6. Yep! Two at once is the ticket! Works wonderfully!

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