How Do I Prioritize My Jewelry Making Clients?

by Crissey.
(Eastpointe, Michigan USA)

question-mark-originalAfter months of an extremely slow start to getting my jewelry business going, I have what appears to be several leads on some very large orders.

I am in the process of negotiating a wholesale deal with a national foundation focusing on a great cause. I also know of a niche that would be interested in purchasing my pieces.

Third, I have been asked to make jewelry as a type of school fundraiser.

My question is how do I know which client to focus on first?

The only one with a tentative deadline is the fundraiser and I am the one who decides the deadline on that.

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  1. I think the third is obviously lowest priority unless of course you are making jewelry as a charitable activity. Between the first two, which one will net you more money now? Which one do you think has the most long-range financial potential? And does your gut lean toward wholesale or retail? Are you a good businesswoman as well as artist?

  2. SAhrendsen says:

    I disagree with Judith –
    Never underestimate the power of a fundraiser! Fast and easy advertising reaching clientele you may never have been able to reach, opening doors to other possibilities.

    I prioritize first-come, first-served. I think of it this way…if I’m standing at a counter at a store with four other people, who gets served first? The person with the biggest sale? I think not. Treat EVERY customer as if they are your most valuable customer and you will be amazed what comes your way as a result.

    The only question you should be asking yourself is if you have the time and resources to do ALL jobs and still satisfy your clients. Your first deadline is always your first customer. Sometimes we all have to burn the midnight oil to get all orders completed.
    Just my 2 cent…

  3. I agree with SAhrendsen absolutely! First come, first served. Once you got the first contact and the order was forming, when the second one was materializing you should haven mentioned that you had an order ahead of hers. Then set your own deadlines. Sounds like you already have that on your side. But absolutely make it reasonable for them AND you. Don’t promise what you can’t do.

  4. Crissey says:

    The second client is actually a subsection of the foundation, so by working on that, I will have even more product available for the wholesale deal. As far as the fundraising, I haven’t heard anything from my contacts in several days. These clients are the only ones I am going to pursue at this point, at least until I see how it goes for awhile. As a mother of two, the last thing I want to do is spread myself too thin.

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