How Can I Use 36-Gauge Copper Sheet?

by Edna B.

How Can I Use 36-Gauge Copper Sheet? - discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I ordered 2 sheets (3×3″) of copper topaz patina 36 gauge sheet metal. They are very nice.

My question: I have no ideas on how to use them because they are so flimsy.

I was wanting to use them as a necklace etc. Help would be appreciated!


Edna B

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  1. Hi Edna, I’m wondering if you might be able to roll or fold these thin copper sheets into shapes or beads that you can use in jewelry. You might look up various ways people roll up paper strips to make paper beads, and try something similar with strips of your 36-gauge copper sheets. Or you might try some origami paper-folding techniques with your copper sheets. I’m looking forward to hearing what others suggest – and seeing what you decide to create with these! 🙂

  2. Corrugating the sheets will add strength. For neat corrugations, a corrugator is necessary–a (metal) tube wringer is reasonably affordable, as are some of the (plastic) paper corrugators available in craft stores. Google something like “corrugated metal sheet for jewelry” to see various examples. I hope that the patina will not be ruined in this process.

  3. Catherine Franz says:

    Research Eva Sherman on youtube.

  4. I agree with both the folding and corrugated ideas- perhaps then you could rivet them onto a heavier gauge metal.

  5. Edna, if you have access to a Cuttlebug and some of the design folders that can go with it, try rolling your copper sheet through it (perhaps more than once). That should stiffen and decorate it, perhaps enough for what you want to use the sheets for.

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and suggestions. I will let you know. Edna

  7. Another idea would be to cut the metal into a heart for example and place in a bezel and cover with resin. This could make a lovely pendant or charm. Jann

  8. Check out fold-forming, that should give you lots of ideas. You could make some really neat designs and as Coleen said, rivet or solder them to a heavier gauge sheet. I can’t wait to see what you come up with…be sure and let us know!

  9. Linda C says:

    A very long time ago I purchased a pendant earrings and bracelet. The artist had used very fine gauge silver, copper and brass. The pieces were completely fold formed using the color to make the change and form designs.

    This is rather hard to describe but we would use an example square of copper that is folded as _/ shape to an example square of 36g silver and that piece would be folded as the opposite -\ (keyboard has an underline key but not an onerline key so had to use a hyphen key instead).

    So as you fold down the copper and the silver the metals are slid into the space much like one would use a French seam in sewing or folding aluminum foil

    I purchased the jewelry due to this technique of making beautiful jewelry at a lower price point due to the fine gauge and flexibility of playing with colors when I did not have a torch to adjoin

  10. You could use embossing tools (like small ball burs) to create a pattern on the copper, then wrap the embossed copper on to chip board cut outs to make earrings and/or pendants.

  11. Glenda Munguia says:

    Along with Marnie’s idea, I have seen that done but glued to a foam sheet (adhesive black foam sheet) which keeps any sharp edges from hurting (if your die cut has them) and gives it more thickness while being light weight (for earrings)

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