Home Party Sales Disappointing

by Jane Petersen.
(United States)

Last Saturday, my neighbor had a house party for me. It was wonderful even though sales weren’t as much as I’d hoped for.

JPetersen: Home Party Sales Disappointing

My question is this: My under $25 necklaces didn’t sell.  Only three necklaces priced over $25 sold. The more expensive necklaces (aprox. $50 and over)  are made from Murano glass, Swarovski crystals, and various gemstones.

Am I just not in the right price range or not hitting the right crowd? I did sell plenty of bracelets and earrings but nothing over the $20 mark.

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions.

Jane Petersen

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  1. Hi Jane, it sounds like the guests at this party were either staying within their budget, or they were bracelet and earring people, not necklace people.

    Another shopping pattern that can occur at a jewelry party: People sometimes buy what their friends buy. So if their friends buy a bracelet and pair of earrings, that’s what they buy too.

    Also, if the guests were shopping for gifts, earrings are often the most popular jewelry items to give – and bracelets are often the second-most popular gift.

    Good idea to track the items, colors, materials, and price ranges that sell at each event, as you’ve done with this party – one event doesn’t necessarily indicate a trend, but after several events you can usually see purchasing patterns that help you shape your inventory to customer demand.

  2. Rena’s advice above is spot on! It’s wonderful that your friend hosted a party for you. I’m sorry that your sales weren’t what you hoped for. That is not necessarily unusual. Just like at a craft show, you never know what people will buy! I’ve done a home trunk show in November the last two years and have the third one coming soon. Last year I send out close to 60 postcard invitations, I had about 20 people show up and most all made a purchase, two big, most medium and some tiny. This year I sent out close to 100- Fingers crossed 😀

  3. I have done parties where the higher priced items sell well but usually they were people who were already familiar with my jewelry and were ready to buy. Parties booked outside of my closer circle had much smaller sales where shoppers were purchasing earrings, bracelets and such. It is a great idea to focus on what sells at parties to make your time worth while.

    If you have a website you can provide it to your host to send out to her invitees. That way they can browse first and if they see higher priced items they are interested in, they will come with a bigger budget in mind!

  4. Thanks everyone for your support. This weekend (Sat. and Sun.) I have managed to get a booth (only 6×6) at one of Madison’s two really high end craft fairs. I am just happy to have been accepted even though my booth size is tiny. This show is the one I have wanted to be in for a long time. Wish me luck and great sales! I’ll let you know what happened.

  5. That’s wonderful, Jane! Wishing you lots of the best kind of customers and great sales! 🙂

  6. Small tables are sometimes the best! I have found it makes you think more creatively on the lay out. To help those shoppers find the perfect gifts, lay out a few color sets together. And remember to keep a mirror handy for trying on your gorgeous work.! Smile and have fun! That will bring the customers to you!
    Have a great show.

  7. Khurshid Khoree says:

    I am not able to make out how old this post is. Good luck and all the best for your show Jane.
    I am also in the same dilemma on how to sell my jewellery. Like the culture in the west here in India we don’t have that many jewellery shows or centres where we could sell our hand made beaded jewellery. By the time I get to know that a fair is being organised it is almost over.
    But I am getting there. Wish me luck for whenever I have my sale.

  8. Good luck, Khurshid. Do you have access to a computer? I search for craft shows in my state and read the description of their requirements. It helps me find places before it’s too late to register. In the US, registrations usually begin ~in February. Hope you find a great venue to sell your jewelry. You can also sell on ebay or etsy.

  9. chula Camp says:

    Hi Jane,
    So sorry to hear that your sales did not meet your expectations.

    I have had several jewelry home parties over the years. I have always been surprised at how well I have done.
    I think part of my success is because I oversee everything. I design and provide the invitations with key information. I give the hostess a guide on when the invites need to be sent, what types of beverages and lite (non-greasy) nibbles to serve.

    I have a rewards program for the hostess. I find that they are more pro-active in getting their invites out on time, reminding their guests when the date is approaching and include as many friends, family and co-workers in their contact lists. I do believe this translates into larger sales since the hostess will receive a discount or free jewelry based on total sales.

    I agree with some of the earlier posts. People will buy earrings regardless of cost for themselves or gifts because most earrings will fit all. I also bring bracelets in assorted sizes and educate guests on what size they actually wear (most have no clue). In addition to bringing jewelry in the $18.00- $75 dollar range I will often bring one to three spectacular pieces in the $185-$750 range and put these in a glass display showcase. I don’t expect to sell a lot of high priced pieces at a home show but it is good exposure and shows what your range is.

    I recall one jewelry home show in December I brought some of my most expensive Toursade Necklaces (great conversation starters). I almost fainted when I sold two. One was purchased by a male guest for his girlfriend and the other by a woman for her mother in law. So don’t forget to include male guests especially for the months of February and Nov/Dec.

    I include fancy gift bags or gift boxes with each purchase at no charge. These little incentives score bonus points with buyers. It is one less item they need to gift wrap!

    I bring my tool kit and will change out a pair of earrings to “non-pierced” at no charge. There is always someone that needs/would love a pair and are delighted that I offer this service.

    To round out the event I have a raffle at the end of the show and a lucky guest receives something unique like a beaded key lanyard, beaded tea infuser or beaded purse charm. I find this adds excitement.

    I haven’t done a home show in a while. But I have copious notes on each step I take.
    I will look for these and send a private convo to Rena to see if sharing this may be something she would entertain for a future newsletter. I can also include the fancy (but cheap) gift bags I hand fold, think Origami.

    Oh and did I mention libation??? Light refreshments like wine, champagne helps guests relax.
    Don’t give up Jane!

    Chula Camp
    Noble Jewels
    San Francisco CA

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