Home Jewelry Party Display

by Janine Gerade.
(Holliston, MA)

Jewelry party displays

Table set up for jewelry party

Display table at friend’s home jewelry party

I had an incredibly profitable jewelry party last week!

It was at a good friend’s house who has a huge family and network of friends. Her family made amazing food to boot.

I just wanted to show how I set up my table.

I got the white trees from Ikea. They work great but are pretty bulky. Very cheap too maybe $10 each?

I bought an inexpensive trade-show tablecloth (google trade-show tablecloths) – it wasn’t much $$.

I also had a question not related to this but I’ll give it a shot – I put out a bowl for people to put their name in for 3 drawings of small prizes.

Now what do I do with those names and emails? Should I put them in a database? Should I do a mass mailing? I have some postcards from vistaprint but some of them have them in their bags from purchases.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated – Thank you!

Janine Gerade
JMG Designs Handcrafted Jewelry
JMG Designs Etsy shop


Successful Jewelry Party!
by: Rena

Congrats on your excitingly successful party, Janine! It sounds like a lovely event, with the best kind of party guests / customers.

Your display looks really nice – especially with all the white elements against the dark cloth. The branchy IKEA trees are a nice contrast to the other displays. A perfect shopping atmosphere!

Regarding the email / snail mail addresses you collected:

A terrific first mailing to both lists would be a “thank you” for attending / shopping at the jewelry party you just did. You might include a thank-you coupon or code they can use to receive either a discount or a freebie along with their next purchase from you.

If you don’t have a newsletter or regular e-mailing that goes out to your customers, this is the perfect time to start.

Don’t worry about having to spend hours writing a newsy, detailed mailing (which can make us procrastinate and never get it sent out!). Keep it short, sweet, and regular (once a month is good).

You can send just a few cheerful sentences, with a photo of some of your latest jewelry, and link to some of your newest work. Or mention some of your upcoming events (including dates, times, and locations). Just keep in touch so they don’t think, “Janine who?” :o)

Same with your snail-mail address collection. Use those addresses to send out postcards with info on your upcoming shows / events.

And with both email and snail mail lists, be sure to send out occasional deals and privileges that can only be gotten by loyal customers who read your postcards / emails.

Wondering where you got your mannequin
by: Kathy

Congrats on your party – your display looks great and I am so glad it went well!

I see that you had a mannequin (or perhaps half-mannequin) – I am looking for something like that and was wondering if you found somewhere reasonably priced to buy them? Thanks!

by: Bobbi/ Boynton Bch. FL

I was recently at HOMEGOODS. They have a few different awesome wire “dress forms” for jewelry. If you don’t mind carrying one,they make displays especial for your longer pieces.

by: Stefanie

Most major cities have no shortage of retail supply stores, or even stores dedicated to just mannequins. They can get very pricey, but call around and see if you can find one that handles used ones – bet ya will! Even a beat up one can be rescued with creative texturing and painting ( don’t forget several coats of sealer) You can even use parts – like just an arm – for bracelets, etc. They don’t get near the abuse from jewelry displays that they do from changing the clothing, so go for it. The bonus with real retail mannequins is that they’re actual size, so your necklaces won’t look like they’re designed for a giant!

Another source for cheap mannequins
by: Rena

Great ideas for mannequin sources, Stefanie and Bobbi!

Also, many stores that are going out of business are happy to unload their displays and fixtures very cheaply. So if any shops in your area are closing out, it’s a worth a moment to drop in and see if you can pick up any of their displays, mannequins, packaging, etc. for a song!

Party and picture display.
by: Anonymous

Where can I get a manniqueim? I want to dress one and display my pieces. Any suggestions?
Thanks, New to the business.

by: Janine G.

For some reason when some one responds to this post I don’t get an email telling me, sorry it took me so long to respond. I read every bit of Rena’s newsetters and it takes me a while to get to the new issue.
Anyways, I got my mannequin on Ebay. I got it for $19 on a buy it now price too. Shipping was good too about $7. I try ebay a lot for displays.

by: Lori

I saw your display for your home jewelry party it was lovely. My question is… how many pieces of jewelry did you take with you? I am just starting and I have no idea how much inventory I need.

Table covers
by: Anonymous

It would really be helpful if instead of suggesting to “google table covers” just tell us where you got yours. I got hundreds of hits when I googled and the only one that was little $$ was out of stock. Too much time wasted. But, congrats to you.

by: Ivonne

YEs! That’s my question too. How much inventory you need for your first party. I am just starting also and I am planning a party for this Summer… so I am working on my pieces now…how many did you have?

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