Full Moon Tree of Life Pendants

by Frances Ortega.
(United States)

Black Branches Opal Moon

I initially learned wire work by finding tutorials online and experimenting. Eventually I learned to make the traditional Tree of Life pendant with the twisted trunk and beads for leaves. Then lately I’ve had this image in my mind of bare tree branches across a full moon.

I made a few sketches and then went for it.

Silver Branches Jasper Moon

Now, I can’t stop, I make a pendant then right away want to make another. There is something zen like and theraputic about wire work for me, it gives my mind an opportunity to focus and leave the world behind.

Golden Branches Jasper Moon

Black Branches Shell Moon

I urge you to try working with wire, as you get confident you can really find your creative voice and make things you didn’t expect.

Frances Ortega
My Laughing Lion Blog
My Laughing Lion on Etsy

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  1. What type of glue do you use to hold the glass in place? Thanks!

  2. These are just lovely! Great work!

  3. Hi Jenny, There aren’t any glass pieces in my work, so maybe your comment was for another article. Or perhaps you mean the beads that are the full moon. They are all beads and are attached by wire.

    Hi Kelly, Thank you so much.

  4. Wow! Frances these are beautiful! I’m also into wire wrapping right now and would love to try this out – do you mind?

  5. the zen shows through in your pics… wonderful work – thanks for sharing

  6. Janet Donaway says:

    Thank you for you tutorials and sharing on your Blog… You are a very crafty person and love your family pictures including the dog… Just like a kid aren’t they.. Love your Blog and work you do… Thank

  7. clare laws says:

    Hi Frances, thanks for your story, i really enjoyed reading it.
    I make a tree of life pendants myself and wanted to know how to keep the outside circle that holds the wire in a perfect circle? Whenever i bend the wire around the edge of my outside circle i always bend it thus incorporating annoying kinks in the wire. I was wondering if there were any tips you could give me? Many thanks! x

  8. Love your work! I also love bare branch trees, and love the moon idea. I recently purchased some twisted copper wire and think that would make a beautiful tree!
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  9. Very cool interpretation.

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