From Disaster to Dynamic Tahitian Pearl Pendant

by Dana C Smith.
(Ocean City, MD)

From Disaster to Dynamic Tahitian Pearl Pendant by Dana C. Smith  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

The fix after the disaster. Does the caged pearl swing?

Well, the disaster part happened when I was trying to mount this lovely silver gray Tahitian pearl on a ring post.

Somehow, in fitting it on after applying jeweler’s glue, I got too rough with the pearl, and snapped off the post… in the pearl.

Too little to grab and work out with a tool, and no know-how to otherwise remove the silver post.

What to do….?

From Disaster to Dynamic Tahitian Pearl Pendant by Dana C. Smith  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

A dainty, yet dynamic Tahitian pearl capture!

So I made a goldfilled cage pendant to curve around the pearl and hold it; some 16 gauge dead soft 14kt goldfilled wire, hammered a bit and bent up and through to loop and create a bail, and a little manipulation to work-harden the metal.

A rescue was performed. I like it!

Dana C Smith
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  1. I love how this piece turned out, Dana! What a great cage setting for the pearl – it’s simple but beautiful and really showcases the pearl. The unique, uncluttered design gives it elegance. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story of recovering from a creative disaster!

  2. What a clever cage setting… love it!

  3. That pearl is amazing! The gold is perfect & your cage is ingenious. I can feel your initial panic when it snapped off! Your solution is wonderful. Great job!

  4. This is very pretty. I really like the way the gold wraps around the pearl, it gives the viewer the thought, how does that stay in there?!
    Beautiful work!

  5. What a beautiful way to save your project

  6. Thank you all for weighing in on my (whew) rescue of this gorgeous pearl. When we spend our dollar on a special gem; and then make a real mess of our intentions for it – it’s like Moogie says: “initial panic”!
    But I am a cock-eyed optimist who believes that there is ALWAYS a solution…somehow. I plotted the cage on paper to get a rough idea of the length of wire needed; banged it to get enough texture(but not close to the ends for the bail) and just curved the wire around the pearl and through itself. It worked without fussing too much(probably couldn’t do it again!)
    It’s really locked in, and looks good from all sides; how does it stay in the cage?

  7. They say there is beauty even in our mistakes. See what you did! BEAUTIFUL. No one would ever know this was not your original intention. Love it.

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