Eclectic & Welcoming Jewelry Booth

by Nina Gibson.
(Anaheim, California USA)

I use a combination of handmade and commercial displays. When I first starting doing shows, I wasted time and money with flimsy displays that blew over at every gust of wind.

NGibson: Eclectic & Welcoming Jewelry Booth 1

I needed something portable and I decided on a color theme of natural and black linen and stained wood, and began collecting and making pieces to make up an eclectic and welcoming booth. It is an ever changing display that never goes together the same way twice!

I like to use lots of levels using wine boxes, trays (not commercial jewelry tray systems – never!), and stained plywood pieces as platforms. It creates different areas where I can group jewelry that can go together as mini-collections.

displays with height layering and mini-collection groupings

displays with height layering and mini-collection groupings

I made the linen covered busts following this tutorial: DIY Project Jewelry Bust,  modifying it with my own hand drawn silhouette.

Instead of painted plywood, I used thin plywood, covered in cork and linen (The cork allows me to pin earring cards to the head). I made them in two sizes so that I can modify my booth for a full 10’x10′ or a small 6′ table, depending on the show.

silhouette displays

silhouette displays

The wood base is stained to go with the rest of my wood displays, and instead of using an L bracket, I used a large hinge so that she can fold up and pack away easily. The hinge is visible from the front, so I hide it using an old spool – which can be draped with jewelry.

The best purchases I’ve made have been my tall director’s chairs, which allow me and a helper to sit comfortably while being able to see and talk to customers from behind my tall displays (worth every penny).

Nina Gibson
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  1. Lovely stall Nina. I really love the busts you made, you are so talented!

  2. Nina, I love that your display is based on modular pieces in the same wood-stain finish! What a fab way to rearrange things to suit your booth space and the conditions at each different event. The silhouette busts contrasting with the wood look so nice. Your booth has a lovely “together” look! Thank you for sharing it with us! 🙂

  3. I love your display, and the use of the wood! It feels more like furniture, and I feel like I’m in your living room looking at these pictures! Are these wood pieces heavy? Do you find it hard to set up and take down this display?


    What you put together is so money SAVVY as well!!!! KUDOS to you!!!!

    Love it!


  5. Susan Wade says:

    Thanks for sharing your display ideas, what a wonderful mind you have. I will try something similar with wood, cork and linen, as I’ve an opportunity to have a little spot in a friend’s shop, it’s not large, so I’ll have to make it shine. Beautiful inviting displays make people feel so welcome and good, like being in your home.

  6. Thanks! It takes me about an hour to set up and another 45 to take down. I don’t like the look of anything I’ve seen that can be pre-loaded for display, and I have to store my inventory in plastic baggies to prevent tarnish anyway, so it works out. I have three wood boxes that I use as backdrop pieces that a lot of it fits inside, and a large plastic bin for the larger pieces. The large earring board breaks down as well. Since jewelry is small and can’t really be seen from 10+ feet away where people are walking by, I am trying to draw them in with a welcoming booth. I have recently purchased a dress form covered in dark linen to set at the end of a tent pole just outside of the booth and a small banner with a blown up jewelry photo to draw more interest.

  7. Betty Salera says:

    The flowers are a great touch! The color with the wood and fabric. It all looks so well-done and makes the jewelry look more beautiful. I have a show nov. 22, I will use the flower idea with fabric. thanks!!!

  8. I agree that the flowers really add a nice pop of color and fit so well with your chosen natural displays. Everything about this display would invite me to look at what you have. The hinge idea I think is wonderful. Kudos.

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