Earring Displays

by Poppy Johal.
(El Cerrito, California USA)

After reading all those wonderful and inspiring ideas and suggestions on JMJ, (thank you, everyone!) this is what I have come up with for my first fair of the year on July 4th.

Earring board 2

Earring board 2

I purchased two foam core boards with cork board on one side measuring 20” X 15” from Walmart. I have plenty of fabric left over from my quilting days so I whipped this checkered one out and hot glued it to the board.

I used my colorful business cards to make earring display cards and thumb tacked them to the board! I am very pleased with the contrast that the fabric provides against the reds and oranges in the business cards.

Earring board 1

Earring board 1

Now, I am going to place 20 X 15 soft foam in between the two boards, wrap it in flannel, put them in a bag and they are good to go. Since the boards are pre-loaded, it will save me ton of time when setting up my booth.

Poppy Johal
Golden Poppy Jewelry at Etsy

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  1. What a great, eye-catching display, Poppy! And I like how your earring cards are in such neat rows. The black checked fabric plus orange/red and white cards definitely give your booth a unique look, and should catch the attention of people who like colorful things like your earrings! You’ll also be so happy your displays are pre-loaded. Good luck at your 4th of July fair, and please let us know how it goes! 🙂

  2. I love your display! Did you use an earring card punch or did you just punch holes in your business cards?

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