Diplomatic Way to Keep Clients Happy in a Small Town?

by Barbara Jacquin.
(South of France)

Diplomatic Way to Keep Clients Happy in a Small Town? - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

Often a good client will “teasingly” ask me not to make another piece like hers.

My pieces are all one of a kind but I’d like to reproduce a similar piece with the same winning stones that I have.

I’m in a small town and the clients could easily see them.

I can’t let myself be limited in this way but how to handle this diplomatically and keep the clients happy and faithful?

Barbara Jacquin
Barbara’s Bijoux

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  1. I can see your dilemma, Barbara, especially in a smaller town. But I agree that you can’t be limited by not being able to repeat color / stone combinations in different designs. I would simply play up the fact that each piece is one of a kind, and also create ways that other design elements in each piece are distinctly different.

  2. Kelly Simmons says:

    Barbara, I live in a small town and have the same situation. I always include something little unique to each person. This way it’s personal and it’s a one of a kind. I also have that conversation with my customer. This way we are on the same page and if I need to make another piece that is similar it’s just that .. similar however it is made just for my next customer. All my pieces are made with my customer in mind. Good luck!

  3. Lyone says:

    Hi Barbara,
    If you are making one-of -a-kind pieces, I hope your prices reflect that. A customer should be paying for exclusivity. If she isn’t, then she is somewhat out of line asking you to not reproduce the design. That being said, I like Rena’s and Kelly’s idea of the individual tweak on each piece. I am also wondering whether it is time for you to expand into additional markets, so that you can sell copies of your pieces without feeling that you are offering the same things to the same people.

  4. Glenda munguia says:

    I agree with Lyone, perhaps you should make two similar pieces already of popular designs so they do not get the idea their piece is unique.
    Or you could equally teasingly reply you have actually already made and sold that design, and it’s one of your popular ones. Then add that they are not exactly identical. However, it has to go do with whether you are marketing your pieces as one of a kind or not.

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