Copper Wire and Ceramic Bead Jewelry – What Tag Words to Describe Them?

by Beverly Raznoff.
(Susquehanna PA)

Ceramic bead and copper wire jewelry by Beverly Raznoff  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Copper wire frame, ceramic bead dangles, fiber cord

I am taking a course at the New York Institute of Art and Design and these pieces were a few of my home work admissions.

I made these pieces out of copper wire and ceramic beads.

Ceramic bead and copper wire jewelry by Beverly Raznoff  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Necklace made out of hand formed copper inks and a wire wrapped ceramic bead

I posted them here because I am in the middle of revamping my Etsy shop and would appreciate opinions on what tag words to use and in describing their style.

Ceramic bead and copper wire jewelry by Beverly Raznoff  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Copper wire necklace with sea glass dangles

I make the copper links by hand out of copper wire. The wire frames were also done by me.

Beverly Raznoff
The Artful Crone

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  1. Hi Beverly, I would start out by listing words describing:
    – the type of jewelry piece
    – the colors in the piece
    – the raw materials used
    – the components used
    – the jewelry techniques used
    – the general size (small, medium, large) and measurements
    – the mood / style / era
    – any particular occasions / holidays / usages
    – any particular users targeted for the piece
    – your name or shop name, whichever you go by

    I hope this gives you a good jumpstart with brainstorming your tags and product listings! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! These are just wonderful. I like your aesthetic very much. And appreciate how beautifully work-hardened, patinaed and secure everything is. It appears that you have also made sure they drape well. In a shop I would immediately pick one up to test the hang and drape. Perhaps a photo showing that would be helpful to an online buyer?

  3. Darlene says:

    I just LOVE your style! These are absolutely beautiful. Rustic…earthy…unique…

  4. I am trying to keep my product listing title short and to the point. I also list materials used in each piece and their measurements/ sizes. I plan on redoing the photos in each listing and making them more cohesive. I hand made some display bust to show how the pieces drape when worn.

    Its the mood/style that is hard for me. I have had people tell me it is boho chic, ancient tribal (not exactly sure what that even means), primitive. I have had people describe my jewelry as organic, sculptural, textural, tactile (they just want to pick it up and touch it), all of which I know could be used as tag words.

    I try to make my pieces as secure and durable as possible, I want them to look like heirloom pieces dug up from some where and then passed on through the generations.

  5. Your pieces are lovely and I would use all the words you have above ^^^ – you have found that they are different things to different people. Be simple in the title but I would imagine there is a place for metadata and key words on your listings? I don’t sell with Etsy but I know they have good user groups so you might start there.

  6. On Etsy you would want to maximize the words in your title as that helps the SEO. I might use words like the ones people have told you but also refer to handmade, one-of-a-kind, amulet, hand formed links, etc. What sets you apart from the pack? Play that up.

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