Convertible Necklace

by Joan.
(Poway, California USA)

I usually make my jewelry in the evening. My husband watches TV and I make my jewelry.

My first convertible necklace/bracelet

My first convertible necklace/bracelet

One evening I decided to make a bracelet out of an assortment of shells, etc. After making my jewelry I like to show my husband for his opinion, suggestions, etc.

He’s always so good at it. So, without hesitation, he straightened up his recliner, brushed his pants smooth, muted the TV and turned on his light….he was ready.

When I showed him my bracelet I held it against my dark shirt, and I said, “wow”, this would also make a colorful necklace. He liked the bracelet, so I sat back down and made a 2 in 1.

Here’s a pic of the necklace/bracelet combo with a pair of matching earrings.

P.S.  I have the sweetest husband.


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  1. What a wonderful, supportive hubby you have, Joan! I like the convertible bracelet idea – it’s nice to have multiple ways to wear a piece of jewelry. Nice mix of colors and materials, too.

  2. What a clever idea – makes your jewellery more versatile – this would work too with a longer strand of the ‘bracelet’ as a choker style necklace made longer by the bracelet.

  3. Hi Daisy, the necklace length is completely adjustable. just yesterday i wore it a lot shorter. I wore a scooped neck tank top and the necklace fit neatly in the scooped area (on my skin). I think i’ll keep it. I really like it also. I removed the 2 shells on the bottom. They looked good when i made it, but later i realized they distracted from the whole bracelet/necklace. I’ll wear it at the craft shows i go to, and someone may want to buy it right off my neck. It’s happened before. 🙂 Thank you for your comment.

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