Consigning Jewelry – Are My Sales Good or Slow?

by Irene.

Consigning Jewelry - Are My Sales Good or Slow?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I just launched my jewelry business a couple of months ago.

I was approached by my yoga studio to sell my malas and spiritual bracelets, earrings on consignment.

I said yes and suggested a 60/40 split.

In three weeks, 1 mala, 1 set of earrings, and 2 bracelets sold.

I am wondering if this is a good sign or slow sales.

I don’t really like doing consignment but at least its a start.

I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.


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  1. Hi Irene, here are a few thoughts:

    Is the yoga studio owner displaying your jewelry very visibly there? If not, she’s not likely to sell very many pieces. You may want to see these posts: How Consignment Shop Displays My Jewelry and Consignment Space Setup – Where to Start, What to Avoid.

    Also, here’s some info on choosing and nurturing relationships with businesses where your jewelry is consigned: Consignment Checklist.

    Wishing you all the best with your jewelry ventures, Irene, and please keep us posted on your progress! πŸ™‚

  2. Also consider putting out a small card with your name and phone number/email address telling people you will make custom malas in personally meaningful stones and crystals. Maybe it’s that people like your stuff but they’re into whatever stone you haven’t used. Happens to me all the time.

    Three weeks is not a very long time. It takes time for people to remember they can buy these items at the yoga studio. Does your studio take cash only or can they take credit/debit? It’s very possible that people would like to buy the jewellery, but don’t remember to bring sufficient cash with them.

  3. Thanks so much Rena and Barbara for the tips. I will check out the two links Rena. Yes, Barbara they do take credit cards and customers are paying that way. Good point Barbara about customization. Will look more into that.

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