Briolette Wrap Cracked Sea Glass

by Christine Blanchet.
(United Kingdom)

Thank you so much for your briolette wrap tutorial.

CBlanchet: Briolette Wrap Cracked Sea Glass
I had a stunning piece of sea glass I wanted to wrap but unfortunately it had a slight crack that went down quite a ways and I needed to hide it.

I drilled a hole (front to back) at the base of the crack and was looking for a way of wrapping it that would not only hide the crack, but that was also very simple and clean cut (I didn’t want a messy wrap.)

Then I saw your tutorial and I had never thought of wrapping from the top to the bottom!

I also like the spiral idea.
Thanks again,

Christine Blanchet

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  1. I love seeing how your briolette wrap turned out here, Christine – beautiful! You did such a great job of covering the crack that nobody will ever know it’s there. And the spiral adds the impression of a nautilus seashell.

  2. Love the way you covered up the crack. Isn’t it funny how someone else’s idea morphs into clearing up a problem you may have with your project?!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your wrapping and pendant are beautiful and impeccably done. I love how you’ve concealed the imperfection in the sea glass!

  4. Beautiful! Excellent wrap on your piece.

  5. Lovely pendant Christine – may I ask how you drilled the sea glass

  6. I just had to say that is the neatest wrap job I’ve ever seen! It takes alot of practice & patience to wrap that well. I love your creative way to hide the crack. Beautiful job!

  7. Lyone says:

    Great inspiration for the rest of us.

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