Bracelet with Handmade Polymer Clay Beads

by Carola G.
(New York USA)

Flowers and leaves against a summer sky

Flowers and leaves against a summer sky

This bracelet is made with with Polymer Clay, glass, and Tibetan silver spacer beads.

The Polymer Clay beads are varnished, and 100% handmade by me, no paints were used.

This beautiful bracelet is closed with a toggle clasp.

Carola G.
Crafts by CAG on etsy
Polymer Clay Shed blog


Love the color combinations
by: Kathleen Davis

Your bracelet is beautiful. I looked at your website and everything you make with polymer clay is very pretty. My only comment is you don’t charge enough for your finished work. I was very surprised at the prices. People pay more for hand made items. You are selling yourself short because your beads are very pretty. I love them.
Kathleen Davis

Summer field
by: Rena

Dreamily lying back in a lovely flowered meadow, gazing up at the summer sky – watching the cloud shapes.

You’ve captured that perfectly in your gorgeous beads.

The leafy toggle clasp is just made to be on this bracelet.

I agree with Kathleen – your advanced skills and incredible polymer clay work are worth far more than you’re charging.

In fact, I just purchased a couple of beautiful items from your Etsy shop – and would have gladly paid many times the prices you had marked.

I don’t want to make that the focus of this thread, since you weren’t expecting opinions on your pricing here – just wanted to second Kathleen that you could easily command much higher prices for your artistry. :o)

Thank you so much for posting this lovely bracelet here!

Very talented!
by: Joan Williams

I agree with the other comments – your work is outstanding! I’ve worked with polymer clay and I know how much work goes into intricate designs like yours – I believe you definitely need to pay yourself more!

by: Lisa Suver

Beautiful work… I agree with the other ladies here…Give yourself a raise!

by: Carola, craftsbycag

Thank You for your opinions, any comment is welcome. It is not the first time that I hear that I price my items to low. I am very unsure about the pricing. I do want to make some sales as well, any suggestions?

Cheap at Twice the Price!
by: Brother David, FOSF

These clay creations are gorgeous. The beads alone would command more than you’re asking for completed pieces! I’d pay twice what you’re asking, no problem.
Brother David
Rings Rosaries Jewelry and Things

by: Leta of letamariedesigns

The Beads you created are just so lovely in this Bracelet~~ letamariedesigns

by: Anonymous

I can hardly wait to buy some of your beads to work with. They are so Beautiful!!!

do pretty
by: Anonymous

abslutely beautiful.. love the colors and to think you actually made the beads out of clay is amazing. Talented.

From One Clay Artist To Another….
by: Janine Gerade

Your Skinner blends in your canes are awesome!
Only another clay addict would know what I am talking about!! LOL
I personally charge $22 an hour to make the beads plus the cost of clay, which isn’t much. Some people say I don’t charge enough either. I usually make a few dozen beads in a claying “session” when I get a hour or two here and there. The labor time includes baking, sanding and stringing. It’s so hard to keep track but jot down your time in a notebook. Add the cost of clay. divide it up per bead. Mark it up x2 or 3 if you advertise and pay for your studio space (yes, a house mortgage counts if you’re doing it in your home). See what that price is. Try a bracelet or two at that price. Advertise it as an “Exclusive” line.
Just some advice, it’s all trial and error. I am doing this soon with my new “Line”. I’ll let you know how it works. Good luck!

Beautiful Beads
by: LeAllyson Meyer

Your polymer clay beads are fabulous. I looked at your Etsy shop and was so smitten with them, I ordered two sets of beads.

However,your finished jewelry can command a higher price. In addition to creating beautiful beads, you have designed some lovely bracelets that feature those beads. They are worth much more than you are asking.

Thanks for sharing your lovely work with us.

LeAllyson Meyer

how to
by: Anonymous

can you post instructions on how to make it?
Pay Rise! 🙂
by: Karley

Oooh just came across your Etsy site and your beads are GORGEOUS! Finished peices could easily go for twice what you are charging and still be a great bargain. I’m saving you as a fav and I’ll definately be back to buy some beads. Karley – Western Australia. 🙂

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  1. love the bracelet, will add you to my list of bead makers

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