Challenges with a Copper Chain Bracelet

by Janine Gerade.
(Holliston, Massachusetts USA)

Copper with purple / midnight blue crystals

Copper with purple / midnight blue crystals

This bracelet was fun to make. The copper reminds me of the sun and the crystals have a purple / midnight blue finish with a fiery splash of color.

I had 2 challenges with this bracelet:

First I ran out of chain. I only had about 3″; of antique copper oval chain links.

To solve that problem, I just made up the difference by linking the matching beads with looped wire links.

Then I added the “fringe” part all the way. I didn’t add fringes right near the “T” part of the toggle for fear that it may block the way for the toggle to go through.

Challenge #2 was to make a double chain clasp into a single one.

This was pretty easy, I just used 3 smaller copper beads on looped wire and attached the ends to one big looped wire with the purple crystals.

I love a challenge – I was so excited to work on this project.

The other day I was leaving the park with my little daughter. I’ve been there several times in the last few months.

I noticed a new store diagonally across the street.


The significance of this is that the nearest bead store to my house is 1/2 hr away!!!!

This is so close to home. I ran in with my baby and introduced myself promptly (they probably thought I was a maniac) I was sooooooooo excited!

I was also excited to see the woman working there has 2 children with her who entertained my little one while I shopped.

I was so happy I didn’t get a dirty look bringing my baby into a bead store (has happened several times).

So I got the purple crystals there and plan to go back soon.

Please leave some comments and let me know how you like this bracelet. It is time consuming but fun to make and thankfully the chain and other parts are relatively inexpensive.

Janine Gerade
JMG Designs Handcrafted Jewelry
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Beautiful Ingenuity
by: Zoraida

What a great story. I love how your ingenuity conquered your challenges. The bracelet turned out beautifully. I can almost see the purple beads sparkling between the copper.

Your bracelet
by: Kathleen Davis

Janine, your bracelet is just gorgeous. I love the beads that you used, the dark colors against the copper is really pretty. Your ingenuity and creativity are really inspiring.
Kathleen Davis
Kathleen Davis Designs

Challenges and opportunities
by: Rena

Beautiful combination of colors and components. And you overcame the challenges so artistically that no one would ever know there were any challenges in the creation of this piece!

Awesome to have the friendly new bead store! Maybe you can teach some jewelry classes there? I remember thinking your polymer clay class sounded cool!

by: Janine

Thanks guys! I might approach the owner and see if she is interested in having me teach a Polymer Clay class. I’ll be sure to give her the link you provided above too. I love the community and support on this website, it’s truly inspiring!!!


I feel like you do. I have had some challenging pieces to. Beads that people didn’t like. But I was setting on day and put these two beads together and I have a great bracelet. I am getting back into making jewelry. So all the tips I can get is very helpful. With the running around with little ones is a challenge. Out of all that you created a beautiful piece.

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