Belly Dancer Necklace & Earrings Set

by Joanne Stow Boyington.
(Greene, Maine USA)

Belly Dancer Jewelry Set by Joanne Stow Boyington

Belly Dancer Jewelry Set by Joanne Stow Boyington

I love to make belly dancer’s jewelry, though usually it’s purchased by those who do not even belly dance!

This necklace set is listed on my website.

I custom make sets for dancers, usually out of pure brass coins and beads or silver plated pure brass, to make the sets more affordable for more people.

I like to use lots of coins and bells, so the jewelry makes a lot of noise when the person moves.

I make necklace and bracelet sets, that come with matching earrings, more elaborate earrings sets, anklets, arm bands, belly chains (belts) and soleless sandels.

What a lot of fun it is to make jewelry sets that are so inspirational!

Joanne Stow Boyington
Jewelry by Joanne at Artfire


Great jewelry niche!
by: Rena

Awesome jewelry niche idea, Joanne!

I know people who got into making jewelry because they were belly dancers who couldn’t find just the right kind of jewelry for their performance art.

These pieces are cool – and I love your use of BELLS! :o)

Very unique
by: Debbie Roxborough

What a beautiful and unique piece. I love the bells too!

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