Booth Ideas – Shutters and Sheer Curtains

by Sharon Butcher.
(Powell, Ohio)

I use shutters (found in a trash container) and sheer curtains to create a background for my display.

Indoor Jewelry Booth by Sharon Butcher  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Indoor Booth

You can adjust them for different size tables.

They enclose my booth creating a small room and blocking distractions.

Close-up view of jewelry booth display by Sharon Butcher  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Close view of display

Shutters have coffee hooks on back to hang the sheers.

Sharon Butcher
The Wristbandit

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  1. The shutters were a great find, Sharon, and a clever way to recycle. I like how the sheer curtains allow you to see through while creating the idea that your booth is actually enclosed. Also I love photo 2 above – that lineup of jewelry displays looks very enticing!

  2. I also like the idea of keeping the distractions that are outside your booth out. The sheers are enough to not box you in completely! Perfect. And the black all around really sets your creations off so they show up. Love the shutters. Your booth also has an overall look to it that invites me in. One thing I would do – in the first picture on the left the back of the necklace stands shows – and they are white, so that’s distracting. Maybe a little quick black paint would fix that right up.

  3. Louise says:

    The back of the necklace stand is not the first thing the customer will see, that is just how the photo has been taken. Very impressive stand well done!!

  4. Very impressive booth display. I love the sheer curtains and the ruffled skirt on the tables. What did you use for those? It really gives a nice effect. Everything looks beautiful.

  5. Hi Kathy
    I purchased the skirts online but it has been so long ago I don’t remember the company. I’m sorry.

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