Another Display Idea for Bracelet

by Dita Basu.
(California, USA)

Moon Beams

Thank you for your wonderful ideas and comments, my friends, regarding bracelet displays and using cylindrical things.

As Rena said, “Think out of the box” I took it literally and used a candle.

This candle has a soft warm off-white glow, which kind of flatters the bracelets.

Actually, I sold one right away after I put it on this display.

I used simple push pins (of course hiding it at the back) which held the bracelets nicely.

Here I am sending a picture too. I sold a black pearl bracelet at a show but the white pearl one is still in my Etsy store.

Alankarshilpa etsy shop
Alankarshilpa blog


Fabulous idea, Dita!
by: Rena

What a great idea for displaying bracelets.

Candles come in so many colors that it would be easy to find them to match any jewelry booth’s color scheme – or to change them from one show to the next for a new look – or to use different colors to contrast with different bracelets.

Thank you so much for sharing your creative bracelet display idea, Dita!

Forgot to mention…
by: Rena

The pearl bracelet you have on the candle display above is lovely! :o)
Picture taking
by: Anonymous

This would be a wonderful way to photograph the jewelry also. The warm tones of the candles and the elegance ad a nice touch…..!

Problem Solved!
by: Judith

Thanks so much for this tip, Dita. I’ve been trying to find something to put my bracelets on for photos and couldn’t find anything I liked (those hand models sold on eBay are so dorky!). I love your idea and plan to retake all my bracelet photos for my website today. Thanks again!!!!

by: Simply Susan

What a great idea. I love it. Thanks for sharing this.
Simply Susan Jewelry

Great idea!
by: Lynn

Great idea! I like the flexibility of changing colors.

Bracelet with candle
by: Dita



by: cc

What a great idea! So simple and easy! I had been looking for something to use for showcasing my bracelets – this is a perfect solution. Thanks so much for sharing.

by: Janine Gerade

What an awesome idea! Thanks Dita! I find cheap candles here at building 19. It’s a great but not pretty discount store in new england.

very creative
by: fadzliza jaafar

hi sorry i wrote earlier about how to display nstore the jewelries and forgot to put my email address……….

thank you

candle display
by: Anonymous

What a great idea! Don’t know that I would have ever though of that. With all the colors candles come in, you could fit it with any display…thanks!

by: Anna W

Having been known as a candle junkie, the idea sells me in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, the heat here would have the candles melting since we set up outside. Maybe in Oct I will be able to utilize the idea. Thanks for sharing.

Display for bracelet
by: Dita


Actually it is fine even in Oct. I have tried in summer out door, in California. It did not melt. But I don’t know what may happen if the very hot sun is directly on it:)

Thanks. Dita

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  1. Ann Wittman says:

    I enjoy reading all the ideas others have used. Recently I started using inexpensive paint rollers for bracelet displays. The nap helps the bracelets stay in place and the off white color helps with visibility. I also have used tube socks to cover the roller and change the color for special displays.

  2. This is an awesome Idea, which I will be incorporating this when I take pictures of my jewelry when I open my online store. Good idea, Dita, way to go!!!

  3. I just received some flameless candles for my birthday. They would be great to use for this and they won’t melt in the heat, if it ever warms up again,

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