A Special Collaboration: Long Distance Business

by Janis Evans.
(North Augusta ON and Moncton NB Canada)

My daughter Jessica and I make jewellery from sea glass and handmade lampwork beads. Our jewellery making collaboration is unique in that she lives in Moncton New Brunswick and I live in Ontario, just a short 12 hour drive away from each other.

Seaglass and lampwork jewelry

Necklace with Jessica’s wire wrapped sea glass and Janis’ lampwork bead

We call our jewellery business JaJeJems and our marketing strategy includes selling online and at craft shows. For the most part I look after selling and marketing online and Jessica organizes our craft show displays. We both make jewellery on our own but our inspirations often come from each others components.

Working together at a distance has its challenges but here is how it works for us.

Wirework and lampwork bracelet

Berries on the Vine – Jessica’s wire bracelet inspired this summer by Janis’ lampwork beads

Jessica’s specialty is wire wrapping and drilling sea glass. Even though we both gather sea glass in eastern Canada along the coast, it always seems to migrate to Jessica’s studio to wire wrap or drill.

Then when we have the opportunity to be together, I take some wrapped or drilled pieces with me to my studio back home. There I work on designs using Jessica’s components with my collection of beads, viking knitting or Kumihimo cords and handmade lampwork beads.

Handmade lampwork summer beads.

Lampwork beads that inspired Sea Foam bracelet

Here in Ontario I make my own glass beads using the lampworking technique. Although I seem to use quite a few in the jewellery pieces that I design, I always have several boxes with assorted lampwork beads on hand. When Jessica comes home she often raids my stock of handmade beads.

This summer when she was here for a visit, she felt so inspired by some of the lampwork beads that I had been making that she made several pieces while here and took home a supply of lampwork beads that have continued to inspire her!

Sea foam lampwork beads with seaglass bracelet

Sea Foam bracelet with sea glass and lampwork beads

Sea Foam, made with silver wire, lampwork beads and frosty white drilled sea glass is an example of one of these pieces. As with everything that we do in life, it is often the unexpected turns in the road that lead to the most interesting places.

Neither Jessica nor I would have imagined that we could maintain a jewellery business long distance but in many ways the distance has forced us to be creative in spite of ourselves.

Janis Evans
JaJeJems at icrafts
JaJeJems website and blog

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  1. Connie Rodrigues says:

    I am so happy for the two of you and the business that you have opened. I continue to wear my pieces and always look forward to viewing the new collaborations and creations. Miss seeing you both dearly 🙁

  2. Thanks Connie! It is great that we can at least keep connected this way. The internet is a great way to stay in touch. Glad you like your JaJeJems pieces.

  3. Congrats on your successful collaboration, ladies!

  4. Sherri says:

    What a wonderful collaboration and such beautiful pieces!

  5. Thanks Monique and Sherri!

  6. Nice pieces,and love to see the material you were using.so pure and simple.

  7. I am looking forward to work in long distance with my sister and my cousin they are both in other states, but I was wondering if this will work. One of them is just 6 hours away, the other 36 hours away, now you gave me some ideas, thank you!!

  8. You can do it Arely! I am now living in Newfoundland now but we still work together and get together whenever possible. I would love to hear how things go for you.

  9. Thank you!! I will, if I get to do it.

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