Where Can I Find Little Frames for Embroidered Cross-Stitch Pendants?

by Alexa.
(Sellersville, PA)

Where Can I Find Little Frames for Embroidered Cross-Stitch Pendants?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I would like to make a couple of cross stitch embroidered pendants.

Does anyone know where to obtain the little frames to put them in?

I don’t want wood. I’ve seen beautiful pendants on the internet but cannot find the blank pendants or instructions.



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  • Cynthia Eastman says:

    Have you tried Nunn Design. Becky Nunn has open bezel and closed bezels in all different sizes and patina. I’m not sure if it would work but it’s worth a try. Beadaholique.com carries them. I have used them with Crystal clay and resin.

  • Sherry G. Day says:

    Try Rio Grande.

  • Liz Morgan says:

    Ebay. There are tons of them. They’re super cute too.


  • Debra Lowe says:

    If there is a doll house and miniature shop near you, they have beautiful small frames, ornate and plain. Good Luck~

  • Dawn Gaye says:

    They are based in NY with a huge online catalog. Their prices and selection are fabulous!

  • Nicole Green says:

    I got some through Amazon. I had a hard time finding them.
    Darice 3 Piece Rectangle Frame Charms Hang Loop, Antique Silver

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