The Moon and Sun Ring

by Mahitab Shamseldin.
(Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)

The Moon and Sun Ring by Jewela

The Moon and Sun Ring by Jewela

“These gems have life in them, they speak, say what words fail to.”
~ George Eliot

Today I want to share with you another interesting design by “Jewela”.

It’s a two-ring hand engraved silver set.

Before I describe the rings, I want to tell you that in addition to running the jewelry business with my sisters, I’m a full time communications specialist working in a multinational company.

And like other married women with children, I have other obligations and social events to attend with my family and our friends.

With such a busy schedule every day, there is a continuous requirement for different outfits (and indeed different jewelry) for different occasions.

This is how the idea of the two-ring set developed.

The set comes in two rings, a hand-engraved silver ring in the shape of a crescent.

The other ring is a round stone (turquoise, jade, pearl, cloisonne, or any other stone) with simple silver engraving on top of the stone.

The beauty – and uniqueness – of the two-set ring is that the rings can be worn in three different styles, depending on the occasion or style of dress you’re wearing.

The round-stone ring can be worn in the mornings at the office with an elegant business suit, while the crescent ring can be worn alone in semi-formal events.

The uniqueness of the rings does not stop here.

You can actually wear both rings together and they make a stunning piece that can be worn on elegant occasions.

I hope the attached picture gives a good idea of how the rings look like.


Mahitab Shamseldin


Love the way the rings come together
by: Rena

How neat to design two rings that are each beautiful on their own – and are ultra-cool together!

I love this idea and the versatility it offers the wearer.

Thank you so much for sharing this lovely ring here in the gallery, Mahitab!

Totally cool
by: TErri Wlaschin

Very clever idea. I love when you can play with a jewelry item to make it look different.

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