“The Best Mistake”

by Elizabeth Wald.
(Port Chester, NY)

Dizzy in Love, by Elizabeth Wald  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Dizzy in Love

This story may seem rather unusual but then again – I am far from normal – as I am sure Rena can attest to. haha!

At one point I had purchased a lot of COLORFUL Paua Shells that were 45mm in diameter and were cut into large spirals within the pendants.

I bought everything my supplier had left.

The results were astounding with this cut and so was the quality of this Eastern New Zealand shell.

They were such ethereal, iridescent, and unique pendants – that they sold like hot cakes.

I still remain homebound with a disability called Rheumatoid Arthritis.

So it is important for me to make progress in in any way I can, but for me, I needed to develop spiritually, as I felt like I was going nowhere.

So I took up Yoga and love it, because it is so challenging for me I will never get bored with it.

Going back to the broken shell. I just still see a beauty in it, even if it had split in two.

So what did I have to lose by moving forward with this project?

Homebound, in physical pain all day and night I kept looking at that broken shell.

I had no idea what my client would say when she found out.

Would she be heart broken? Would she scream at me even though the shell was most likely already cracked before it was shipped?

I thought and have always thought that the most bizarre and unique jewelry might stand out, even if I make a colossal fool out of myself.

So I filed down the rough edges of the new ‘design’ if you could call it that. HAHA!

I decided to take the plunge and was prepared to have virtual tomatoes thrown at me when I posted a ‘different’ type of necklace on social media.

Everyone wanted that piece!

I was thinking to myself, “is this how abstract artists make a living?”

I hope all of you learn something from this: broken is beautiful in its own way, whether it is a person, a marriage or career.

It always gives us an opportunity to look at things anew, pick up the pieces, and use our inner light to guide us to something new and and beautiful.


Elizabeth Wald
Stones in Harmony
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