Fused Glass Wire Pendant

by Stuart Turner.
(United Kingdom)

Front of fused glass wire pendants by Stuart Turner  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I had some fused glass beads made for a jewellery class I run.

All beads were different shapes, sizes and colours.

Back of fused glass wire pendants by Stuart Turner  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

My tutorial takes the pupil to the point where I encourage them to use their imagination to embellish it.

Stuart Turner's Wire Wrapped Pendant Project

Stuart Turner’s Wire Wrapped Pendant Project

I first made one as demonstration then made one with the class to “show how” that is the single one.

This method can be adapted to any shape or size of bead.

I prefer not to use tape to hold the wires or bead in place but it can be the only way for a novice to do it right.

WD 40 is good to remove the residue sticky if you do resort to holding the wires flat or holding the bead in place.

Stuart Turner
Church Mouse Jewellery

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  • Thank you for sharing your instructions for these wire-wrapped pendants, Stuart! And it’s nice to see both front and back of these pieces. Thanks also for your tip on using WD-40 to remove the tape adhesive from the wire.

  • Judith says:

    Thank you for the information Stuart. I use ‘Goo Gone’ to remove adhesive. It has a citrus scent to it.

  • Stuart Turner says:

    Thank you Judith

  • emmiejohn says:

    I am using pinch type clothespins to hold my wires I just glued a little piece of rubber on each inside surface of the clothespins. This works for me and does not mark the wire or leave a sticky mark like glue. ps if your glass slides around on your work surface you can also use blue tack a poster sticker that you can press on your work surface to hold it still, find blue tack in the poster section area of school or office supplies at a Walmart type store

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