Should Jewelry Repair Be Something I Offer?

by Susan.
(United States)

Should You Offer Jewelry Repair as Part of Your Jewelry Business?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I have had some success with online sales of my jewelry, but it got to be a hassle and not much fun for me. I am a people person, and love interacting with my customers.

I tried displaying my work in a cute little shop and did really well there but the owner was not disciplined and eventually closed the shop. I tried another consignment shop but the booth fees and commissions and their minimal open hours made it unprofitable.

The week after I removed my items from this shop, I took a friend’s advice and set up at a local flea market. I was shocked at how well I did there, and my fee for a table was a paltry $10 for a covered table with power. Woohoo!

Since then, I set up there at every opportunity and have established repeat customers and lots of word of mouth. I now have ladies asking me if I can repair their broken items. My gosh they think I am their personal outdoor jewelry store!

I am pleased to repair simple things and do a little cleaning/polishing free of charge if I have the time and if it makes a customer happy. Just thought I would ask opinions here, as I always get such great ideas on this site.


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