Selling Jewelry on Facebook?

by Roxanne Driever.

Selling Jewelry on Facebook?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

Selling Jewelry on Facebook? – Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I’ve been making one of a kind pieces of jewelry for about 4 years now, self taught.  How I make a sell can be tricky. A person can say “I really love how…blah blah blah.”

So, as I was scratching my head thinking why are they not buying the piece they so loved?  I post my creations daily on Facebook, my page is open to the public, marketplace is also a recommend place to post too.

When I notice that someone had like an item I will personally contact them. I’ll start the conversation and ask what and why did they liked it and maybe they’ll recommend something to add/delete to the piece.

Keeping the conversation going I’ll ask, do you like the color I used it not what color would you choose? ( Can you see where I’m going with this)? Then end the conversation with thank you, hope to talk again.

I would then make the piece of jewelry to their liking, take a picture of it and go back to the conversation and ask, is this what you meant?
I get a sell 80% of the time.

What are your strategies?

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  • Paula Trehey says:

    I would like to have your FB jewelry site info. I sell on Etsy. But I’m always interested in other peoples jewelry…….especially one of a kind items.

  • Chris Rehkop says:

    I’ve tried selling on FB marketplace, received good feedback but had $0 sales. I also post my new designs on my personal FB page, and have sold several pieces that way.

  • Becky Buchanan says:

    Great tips! Personal service is what it’s about. Of course you can always post the new and sold creation. Thank you.

  • Chris Rehkop says:

    Me too, I also create many one of a kind pieces, and am sometimes inspired by other’s designs.

  • I have an Esty and Facebook page and the FB page outsells Esty every time for me. I think it’s best to set up a business page separate from your personal page and use the storefront option so people can browse and purchase. Whenever I post a new item, I share it to my personal page also. Make it more than just about sales. Let your followers know what shows you have coming up. I find adding pictures, videos, and descriptions of the processes you use also makes it fun and proves that you are the artist and builds trust with your customers. I will also share my posts to other pages that allow it. I’ve actually had more custom orders than people clicking the buy now button.

  • Judith says:

    How impressive! I don’t think I would ever be comfortable with that approach, either doing it or being done unto. When I think of how many things I’ve liked on Etsy and elsewhere, I would freak out if all the sellers contacted me directly! But it’s important to consider new ways of selling, and clearly this one can be effective. Kudos for your boldness and enterprising spirit!

  • Wow! That is cool. Do you do this with “likes” or only if the person comments? Also does this get you repeat customers?

  • It has been my observation that the Fb Marketplace is better suited to “sales” or flea market prices when it comes to jewelry.

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