Selling Jewelry After A Failed First Attempt

by Katie Nack.
(Sheboygan, Wisconsin USA)

I had an etsy store a year ago and I ended up loosing money because I just jumped into it and didn’t really look into how to have a business or how to network and stuff like that.

a photo from the old stock from the failed store

a photo from the old stock from the failed store

I am now looking to restart selling my jewelry and I’d like any good tips anyone has. (I just started a blog and I’m going to keep the facebook page I had before.)

example of another type I'd have available

example of another type I’d have available

a recently made pendant to build up inventory

a recently made pendant to build up inventory

I do have a specific question though. Assuming I have nothing but my jewelry, what do I need to have at a booth at a craft show/faire?

What type of displays are best?

Katie Nack

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  • I’m glad you didn’t give up after your Etsy shop experience, Katie. Your beadwork is artistic and gorgeous.

    One thing to have wherever you sell your work (online or in person) is some sort of presentation showing people how much work, time, and skill go into creating your pieces. It could be a slideshow, a poster, a photo album, etc. It’s important because most people will have no idea of the true value of your beadwork if you don’t help them understand how it’s created.

    And regarding your displays, I found it’s best to start by deciding what you really need from your display design:
    Your Jewelry Display Design.

    I wish you every joy and success in your jewelry business, Katie! Please keep us posted on your progress! 🙂

  • Shannon says:

    Great jewelry pieces! Your wire wrapping looks so intricate. My favorite is the beaded pendant though, very pretty! The main reason I wanted to comment is that I have a similar situation to you. My Etsy shop was closed for two years. It’s newly reopened, and I’ve started from scratch building it up. The main advice I have it to rethink everything, and learn from all that happened or didn’t happen previously. I wish you well on your second chance! Enjoy yourself.

  • I really respect you for starting again after Etsy didn’t work! It’s scary to put yourself out there like that. I think the craft fair route will be fun & successful for you! Rena’s article is great advice. Random little tips: Old shutters are an easy and unique display – spray paint them a neutral color & hang your jewelry cards from the slats. You can get wooden crates & necklace displays at Jo-Ann’s for height & variety. Make sure you have a mirror so people can try things on. Painter’s drop cloths at Home Depot are $10 and make great neutral tablecloths. And get a locking cash box, or a cash apron to prevent theft!
    I hope this helps – your designs are beautiful! Best of luck!

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