Recommendations for Painting Over Metal Charms?

by Sondra L.

Recommendations for Painting Over Metal Charms?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

Is it possible to paint over metal charms that are already made?

I have a silver charm that I wish I had in gold.

Any suggestions on paints/sealers where the charm won’t chip if I do paint over it?

Also, a paint/sealer that’s safe to wear.

Sondra L

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  • Hi Sondra! You may want to check out Vintaj patina inks. (And if you want to seal those patina inks, the manufacturer recommends recommends using Vintaj glaze to seal Vintaj patina-inked metals.)

    I have a tutorial showing various ways I’ve used these patina inks: Jewelry Patina Techniques (Tutorial).

    Also, whenever I wonder whether a technique will work with a particular type of component, here’s what I do:

    First do a test run on a small scrap or sample of your component (in this case, on a metal charm that you wouldn’t mind being your “guinea pig” tester). Then you can see how the technique will (or won’t) work on the sample, without ruining your actual piece. Another benefit of doing the test run on a scrap first – you’ll probably discover some things about the technique that will help you get better results when you do the technique on your actual component!

    Whatever product or technique your decide to use for this project, please let us know how it turns out.

    And I’d love to hear other solutions for coloring metal charms! 🙂

  • Sarah S says:

    I have found that oil based sharpie paint pens are fun on metal charms. I haven’t covered a whole charm, but mostly just used them to add color, kinda like enamel. I haven’t sealed them, but they seem to be holding up.

  • Moogie says:

    You could also try the Swellegant line of metal coatings, patinas, dyes & sealer. I have been happy with them & this is exactly the kind of situation I’ve used them for. I have coated old cheap chain, charms & other worn metal. The only thing I can’t tell you is how well they last with use. The metal coatings contain actual metal suspended in a binder. They leave a satin type finish meaning you won’t get a shiny gold. You can read more about them on the internet.
    I also use the Vintaj line & they also do a great job. Good luck with whatever you choose!

  • Moogie, thanks for mentioning Swellegant for this purpose too! 🙂

  • I have used Vintaj and like it for a more translucent look. I also use StazOn inks. They come in both pads and bottles. I use the pad if I want an inked design on flat metal and the bottle for charms or more 3-D pieces. It doesn’t need a sealer and really stays on (lol).

  • Cindi, thanks for mentioning StazOn and your tips for it! Good to know.

  • Brenda says:

    In the time honored tradition of using what you have – I use acrylic paints and nail polish for painting metal charms and flowers. I colour the piece, usually with two coats, of the paints I want to use, then, for some looks I add glitter nail polish, others I don’t. And then all pieces are sealed with a coat of clear nail varnish. I’ve found it works really well. You can see some samples of my painting here: . I hope this helps. All the best for lots of sales!

  • Leslie Schmidt says:

    I have used Krylon leafing pens, which come in silver, gold, copper and a reddish copper. Make sure you shake them well, test them on a paper first to make sure the color is coming out correctly. Let it dry, then paint the other side. Like most painting of things, let dry 24-48 hours before sealing. You can seal these with a Krylon spray, either a matte finish or a semi-gloss or gloss, depending on your preference. I have used these pens for touching up things, too, with good success. Most things wear down eventually except sterling silver or silver filled or gold filled. Platings that are good finishes can be found at B’Sue Boutiques, the plating doesn’t wear off like cheap box store platings.

  • Leslie, thanks so much for mentioning the Krylon leafing pens, and tips for using them! 🙂

  • Bernadette says:

    I also use some leftover touchup paint, among some of the above mentioned supplies, that was touchup for our car. It works very good and I don’t know how it does if touching the skin, but it has served my purposes.

  • Bernadette, thanks for sharing your helpful tip! 🙂

  • Dot says:

    What about metal charms that are already enameled over and sealed? How would I go about painting over those?

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