Picture Writing with Wire

by Nancy Vaughan.
(San Diego, California USA)

I have a box where I keep unfinished and rejected jewelry designs. It is my go to box when I need to stretch my imagination.

NVaughan: Picture Writing with Wire 1

This piece is made from a rejected bracelet design that was too wide, too long and a touch too weird. I have no idea how long ago I made it.

When I found it again I decided to see just what I could make with it. So it got flattened, scrunched, stretched and snipped. When I was finished with the frame it reminded me of empty boxes stacked on top of each other. Time to fill the boxes!

NVaughan: Picture Writing with Wire 2

I had just received some new beads in wonderful autumn colors. I hadn’t used them in any design yet so this was a perfect time to try them out. I mixed them with copper beads and wire, did a bit more manipulation of the wire then stopped before I got too carried away.

The finished piece looks a bit like a deco design or a modern take on a deco design or picture writing or Mayan glyphs. What do you see?

Nancy Vaughan
Wicked Wire Works at Artfire

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