Using Paypal’s Cool Free Tool

by Lynda Carson.
(Spring Valley, California USA)

I’ve had a Paypal account for a while now…using it to make purchases and also to sell jewelry from my Etsy shop.

LCarson: PayPal's Cool Free Tool

When I’d receive inquiries on my blog about purchasing a piece, I’d always thought I’d first need to create and pay for a reserved listing on Etsy, so that the customer could complete the purchase through Paypal.

A very kind and more knowledgeable blog reader let me know that this is NOT the case.

I can create a Paypal invoice myself and send via email to the customer. They do not even need a Paypal account to remit payment. Say what ???

Well, I did a little research on this through the ‘tool’ menu and have to say it was so easy to create a personalized invoice template.

(You can also reach the invoice creation tool from the Send & Request page.)


Photo logo, contact info, thank you note, and return policy. I just completed my first one today. You can even create and save custom templates for future invoices.

Paypal notified me right away as soon as the payment was received and I sent off the jewelry to its new owner.

I’ve been very disappointed with the Etsy experience, probably because I never put to much effort into it and there is just so much competition in that arena. So, I’ve put it on temporary vacation, maybe permanently.

Now, I’m in the process of putting the word out to a wider audience that this convenient service for both the seller and the buyer is available. Selling from my blog or Facebook just became easier!

If any of you have experiences to share regarding this Paypal tool, I’d love to hear it!

Lynda Carson
Fresh Baked Designs

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