Making Patera Jewelry

by Sue Arkwright.
(Arkwright Designs)

Heart Paris Patera Necklace by Sue Arkwright

I was introduced to Patera findings from a friend of mine who attended the huge jewelry and gem show in Arizona.

“Patera” means small shallow dish, and these findings are manufactured by a company called Nunn Design.

Patera findings are pendants made with copper, silver and antique gold finishes and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are flat on one side and have a depression on the other:

Some of the Patera findings at Nunn Design.

Some of the Patera findings at Nunn Design.

What I do is print a picture on photo quality paper and insert them into the Patera finding.

I then embellish them with Swarovski crystals and fill up the finding with a DG-3 glaze:

Patera key chain by Sue Arkwright.

The fun thing about using these findings is that you can get very creative. It’s like miniature scrapbooking!

You can put anything into the Patera then fill it up with glaze and let it cure… you then have a permanent memory you can wear.

One example of what you can do is take a photo of Hawaii, insert it into the Patera and glue in some shells and sand, then glaze it to permanently remember your beautiful trip.

You can also give your design a vintage or steampunk look by adding various metal findings, clock parts and vintage beads.

Some of the Patera findings have loops on the bottom where you can dangle beads and charms:

Vintage floral pendant by Sue Arkwright.

You can go to Nunn Design to request a catalog from Becky Nunn who is very helpful and will give you hints on how to get started.

I make Pateras with family photos, pets, coins, florals, vintage and a host of others.

There are sheets of cardstock that can be purchased from various websites, that are copyrighted but are very reasonably priced.

My favorite is AlphaStamps, where you can find all sorts of fun ideas!

They include pictures of Paris, old-world women, florals, hearts and much more:

One of the many collage sheets at AlphaStamps.

There is no end to how creative you can get with Pateras and I hope you find this information useful and will get started with a fun new way to make beautiful jewelry!

Sue Arkwright
Arkwright Designs


Great inspiration for mixed-media jewelry
by: Rena

Sue, thanks so much for sharing your experiences, sources, and ideas for using these cool findings!

There’s a lot of scope for creating personalized and custom jewelry designs with them, and I like the “mini scrapbooking” designing fun!

I love the pieces you’ve been creating with Pateras – and I bet your customers love them too! :o)

Patera Jewelry
by: Dita


This is so beautiful. Your ideas are excellent and there is so much scope to make it personalized.

I like your tiny bead selections and the finishing. It is very delicate. Like the one with the Eiffel tower and also the one you showed here. Thanks for sharing.


I use Pateras with Chiyogami Paper
by: Karen Kelsky

I love this post! I am a big fan of patera findings from Nunn design. You show so many of the great things that can be done with them.

I also use crystal lacquer and that works beautifully.

My current favorite is their bracelet blank. I use it with unusual chiyogami paper from japan that is black and iridescent silver. i call it the Chiyogami Gem Bracelet. You can see it at my shop, Paper Demon Jewelry (


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