Leather And Denim

by Cindi Bernloehr.
(United States)

Leather And Denim by Cindi Bernloehr  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I love leather and I love earrings. The current trend is leather cut in a feather or oval shape and maybe fringed or with the tips painted. I also love hoops so I tried to see if I could combine both of these for a cool looking, lightweight earring.

For the Leather Earring – I used a nameplate die and cut the leather with my Sizzix machine. Then I folded in half and used an eyelet to cold connect the top together. Then I used aluminum 14g wire, I wrapped it around the head of my hammer for a circle, then textured it for effect. I slid it through the leather loop. To hold it in place, I put a dot of super glue gel between the leather above the hoop.

Leather And Denim by Cindi Bernloehr  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

For the Denim Earring – I took a square of old jeans and used the tassel die from Sizzix to cut the tassel (if you don’t have a die, you can use a piece about 1.5in square and cut thin slices up to a quarter in from the top. Use a dot of super glue at each end and roll the denim up tightly, creating your tassel. Test to see if it fits into your metal cap. I then glue it into a large metal tassel cap or pointed bead cap.

Leather and Denim by Cindi Bernloehr

The tassels can also be made out of leather, and I sometimes add a crystal to the top of the cap for some added bling.
Have fun and enjoy.

Cindi Bernloehr
WoodStone Jewelry


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