If You Had a Bead Store…

by Marlene Hoffman.

Hi bead shoppers! I’ve been hired to work part time in a bead store. As you can imagine, they have a huge inventory of beads and other supplies.

Bead Store

Right now there does not seem to be much order to the store. I am very good at organizing myself and my personal supply of beads but this obviously involves a much larger amount of merchandise. I would like to help the store look more appealing to current customers and to attract new ones.

My questions to you, the experts, are as follows: While shopping for your beads, etc. have you come across a system that is not only efficient but also appealing to look at?

Do you find it better to have beads grouped by color, shape or size?

Hanging on the wall or laying flat on tables?

Of course my goal is not to have the shop owner spend a ton of money on improvements. As a customer of this store, I would like to make it easier for me when I shop too. This will be a huge project to undertake but I figure it will give me something to do on slower days.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Any DIY systems are welcome as well.

Marlene Hoffman

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