Help! Trouble with Bead & Jump Ring Bracelets

by Lee Backker.
(Northern Ireland)

Help! Trouble with Bead & Jump Ring Bracelets  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

Picture of Jump Ring bracelet.

I wanted to make a bead and jump ring bracelet.

But on my first attempt, the 10mm beads I used for my project kept falling out of the 12mm jump ring cages.

I used 2mm larger size jump rings for my beads that were 10mm.

I even tried using smaller jump rings but they would not fit around the beads.

My DIY bracelet is the same as in the picture, only the beads are different.

I would very much appreciate your advice on this matter. Thank you.

Lee Backker

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  • Hi, Lee, This is the tutorial I found — the beads falling out is because you’re not fully trapping the beads:

    It’s a beautiful and “liquid” design. Love trapped bead bracelets.


  • Judith says:

    If you are following the ratio of bead size to jump ring there should be no problem. If you have a caliper I suggest checking the size of the bead. Sometimes, there is a slight difference in the bead’s actual size and how it’s labeled or packaged.

  • Elizabeth Reid says:

    I’ve used the instruction Barbara links from “you tube” with great success, but it lacks the other design of rings you would like. A combination of the two would be just lovely and so feminine.

  • Carolyn says:

    I tried to make a pair of captured pearl earring from a pattern in one of my jewelry magazines…followed the exact size pearl and jump rings, but could not get the pearl to fit…then I tried the next size larger jump ring and it fit great, but after wearing them for a day or two the pearl fell out. I ended up using the larger size jump ring, but in the next heavier gage and it worked out perfect and I have sold several pairs and never had anyone tell me they had any problems…so maybe try a heavier gage jump ring to capture and keep the bead in its cage. GOOD LUCK!

  • This is a common problem with this weave as the aspect ratio of rings vary from one supplier to another. The other variable is the bead size itself. Beads on the same strand will vary a bit – an 8mm strand may have beads ranging from 7.8mm to 8.2mm.
    I have also found that the rings hold faceted beads better than smooth beads. To that end I was so annoyed by the beads falling out that I eventually used tigertail to string the beads on. That way I knew they would never fall out. I don’t do this particular weave any more as 1) I prefer no monofilament and 2) I don’t want the worry of a particular piece falling apart.

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