How to Handle Abusive “Friends” and Customers Who Want Free Jewelry?

by Brie.

How to Handle Abusive "Friends" and Customers Who Want Free Jewelry? -  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I have been making jewelry for a long time, and I’ve been trying to get it out there, and create a business.

But, unfortunately, people I know don’t take me seriously, (in part, probably because I’m only 19).

This has been a dream of mine since I was 7.

I make jewelry because I love to make it; and people (outside of my close friends) tell me how much they really like it.

I’ve sold a few things… but there have been a handful of people who want me to go lower…and lower…and lower… on the price of each and every item I make.

These people have no appreciation for my hard work, or the quality of materials I use.

They want genuine gemstones, 14kt gold, solid sterling silver, for nothing.

I have to admit, these select few people got to me a time or two, and now, (I believe), they’ve told all their friends that they can just barter me down.

Their friends tell me, “well, you did it for so-and-so; My friend said you gave it to her for only x amount.”

These people won’t let me alone, they won’t let up.

They have been harrassing me for several months.

The first one was a ‘friend’ of one of my ex-friends. Actually, a lot of the instances were caused by my so-called ‘friend’.

Both my ‘friend’ and her ‘friend’ were trying to guilt me into giving away a bracelet to each of them.

“That’s what you do for friends. You just give them things, because you care.”

So, they finally won, and not only that, they had the gull to ask for “matching earrings, too” in a giftbox.

For free. Everything they got was free.

Then later, my ‘friend’ lost the pair of earrings and hinted at a replacement.

I refused.

I told her she’d have to buy the materials.

She was mad at me for a week. Actually, she never got ‘un-mad’ after that.

In the next instance, my ‘friend’ took some of my jewelry to her ‘friends’.

I had sealed a cellophane package of earrings and said for her not to let them try the earrings on.

When she gave them back to me, they had been opened and tried on.

There was gross brown stuff on the earwires.

“Well, they had to see how they’d look.” Yet, they bought nothing.

In another instance with her, she had me do a ‘show’ for her (only one person came).

And this person, a ‘friend’ of hers, gave me this sob story of how she “only has $20, and has a date tonight, etc.”

She got probably $50 worth of jewelry, for her twenty dollar bill.

And, like everyone else, said “you’re so sweet”, trying to kiss up to me.

One other instance was actually, yesterday, and does not involve ‘her’

A girl on social media inquired about a solid sterling silver ring.

I told her the price.

She gave me a story, how she is a kid, only has $5 in her pocket, but really wants to buy it for her aunt, who has done so much for her.

(BTW, she was barely two years younger than me).

I was polite, she messaged me over and over with plz, a sad face emoji, another dose of her sob story, and how much her aunt wanted the ring.

I remained professional, and explained that I could not go any lower on the ring than what I offered her (almost half off what it was worth).

I finally asked what price range she had in mind, ($5), if her aunt liked earrings; she said she did.

So I said I would make a pair of dainty faux pearl drop earrings for her to look at, and she could tell me what she thought.

I also sent several other items in that price range. (And they were getting free shipping.)

She liked the earrings – but only had cash, no card.

I politely said I could only send an invoice, and that she’d probably need a card.

She continued to berate me with sad face emojis.

I finally suggested she go to a friend or family member and have them pay for it with a card, and she could give them her $5.

She was delighted, and did so.

She raved about “how sweet” I was, and a whole lot of mushy kissing up.

And she mentioned how she’s “gonna tell all her friends, and her sister, and her mom…”

And I assume, they’ll want the same deal.

I let my “kindness” get the best of me… I’m not even making a profit, that $5 is gonna be eaten up by shipping.

And now, the cycle continues… more people wanting something for nothing.

I am so upset at myself, that I let these people manipulate me. Use me.

I don’t know how to move on, get ahead from here.

They keep asking if I’m working on anything new.

I lie, and say “I’m taking a break from making jewelry.”

But, they find out, and get mad.

I don’t know how to keep going. I just don’t.

I feel so bad right now… I’m just wondering if it’s all worth it.


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