Garnet Gemstone Copper Wire Heart Pendant with Valentine Kumihimo Cord

by Stephani Moore.
(Harrisonburg, Virginia)

Garnet Gemstone Copper Wire Heart Pendant with Valentine Kumihimo Cord by Stephani Moore  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Recently, I decided to enter a jewelry making contest on a Facebook Kumihimo group.

I have been doing wire wrapped jewelry for almost a decade and I recently started learning more advanced Kumihimo techniques. (Kumihimo is a Japanese technique of braid making, using a disc, various cords, and sometimes beads.)

So, I decided to combine the two techniques to create this necklace for the contest.

For the heart pendant, I used natural Artistic Wire in forming the shape of it, as well as a smaller wire gauge for weaving the beads onto it.

In the center, I used an undyed garnet gemstone and for the edges, I wove in an alternating pattern of cream Swarovski crystal pearls and ruby Swarovski crystal rounds.

I created the heart design myself after many attempts of manipulating and twisting wire into an acceptable shape!

As for the necklace strand itself, I used pink and white nylon cord, creating a heart pattern with a 16 strand Kumihimo pattern that I found on Pinterest.

I really like the end result as it fits the Valentine theme of the contest color and shape wise.

I probably won’t sell this necklace on my Etsy shop because I simply love it too much! However, I wanted to share this piece as I am quite pleased in how it turned out.

Stephani Moore
Sparkling Creations Jewelry
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