Dramatique Red Glass Beaded Necklace

by Laura Bailey.
(Catskills, New York USA)

I bought the big red glass “jewel” first and it sat in my collection for a while. I saw a program on Medieval museum exhibits, which in turn prompted me to do research into Medieval, Renaissance and Victorian jewelry.

I got the idea for this piece from a painting of a noblewoman that I found during that research. The halo of pearls was the first part of the design that I knew had to be included.

The rest I created as I went.

The necklace that is on this piece is the second one.

The first was a three strand necklace of matching red round glass beads.

It didn’t complement the pendant enough, so I took it apart and created the current necklace which has the same pearls as on the pendant, gold beads to tie into the gold wire used on the pendant and a bit of sparkle with the crystals for a bit of panache.

This is a bold statement piece that gained it’s name from its European inspiration.

Laura Bailey
NaturesWrapture at Etsy

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